digestive problems

Amy Harding, 35: IBS

“Knowing the cause of my IBS-type symptoms has changed my life and I feel amazing” 35-year-old Amy Harding suffered from bloating, abdominal pain, wind and

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Andrea Henson

Andrea Henson having severe migraines for 25 years found relief after cutting out two ingredients from her diet.   Lincolnshire mum of two, overcame 25-year

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allergy and intolerance induced autism

Ellie Meek: Autism

“What started out as a virus for our two year old daughter turned into something life changing.” At age two, Ellie lost the ability to

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For part time accountant and mum of three Susannah, tiredness just seemed to be a way of life. But when headaches, bloating and weight gain

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“I feel I have much more control over my digestive health.” Before taking a YorkTest, Becca suffered from extremely bad stomach pains daily, constipation and

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