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Lola Biddle

young girl with a light grey cap and a flowery green shirt smiling at the camera
Symptoms: stomach aches, fatigue, headaches, bloating
Food Reactions: cow's milk, crustacean mix, garlic, soya, wheat

“I finally have a happy, healthy daughter!”

  • For 9 years, Lola had been suffering from a variety of symptoms, such as stomach aches, fatigue, headaches and bloating
  • Her mum, Sharon, told YorkTest that Lola would cry most days and regularly miss time off school which affected her education
  • The 10-year-old had undergone several tests over the years and it wasn’t until her mum tried reflexology that she decided to try other options to help her daughter
  • Lola’s food intolerance* test revealed that she was intolerant to a range of foods including cow’s milk, crustacean mix, hops, garlic, soya and wheat
  • Within a couple of weeks, Lola started to feel better and her mum claims she is now a different child with much more energy and happiness.

For 9 years, Lola Biddle had been suffering from a variety of symptoms, such as stomach pain, fatigue, headaches and bloating. Her mum, Sharon, became increasingly concerned with the variety of symptoms Lola complained about.

“Lola cried most days as she was hurting in some way,” Sharon explains. “Lola has missed out on lots of activities over the years and it has had a negative impact on her education”.

As every parent would who is concerned about their child’s health, Sharon visited the family’s GP on many occasions in a bid to seek answers. However, their questions were unfortunately left unanswered.

In our recent customer survey, we found that 88% of surveyed respondents sought advice from their GP, but unfortunately did not find the cause of their ailments*.

“Lola has seen lots of doctors and consultants and had many tests conducted over the years. All [of these] were unsuccessful. I lost a lot of faith. The first thing we tried which helped her was reflexology. Although not a cure, it did ease her symptoms,” Sharon says.

After reflexology greatly helped Sharon’s 10-year-old daughter, other avenues of interest began to open up for Sharon.

It wasn’t until a friend recommended food intolerance† testing to Sharon that she decided to take a closer look at her daughter’s diet.

YorkTest’s award-winning Junior Food Intolerance Test has been expertly developed for the little ones. This simple finger-prick blood test analyses a child’s IgG reactions to over 100 food and drink ingredients, including commonplace foods such as cow’s milk, egg, wheat and gluten.

To help remove any trigger ingredients safely from a child’s diet, we provide one 30-minute call with a qualified nutritional therapist and a results guidebook for extra guidance.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s in-house laboratory, revealed that Lola was intolerant to a range of foods, including cow’s milk, crustacean mix, hops, garlic, soya and wheat.

With support from one of our experienced nutritional therapists, Ali Orr, Lola’s mum felt ready to safely remove Lola’s trigger foods from her diet and it didn’t take long to notice some life-changing improvements.

“The nutritional therapist pointed us in the right direction. We talked about gut health and the idea of probiotics. It took a good two or three weeks to get to grips with what she could eat but I am so glad we stuck with it.

“Since Lola removed her trigger foods, she has not missed any time off school and has not complained or cried because she feels unwell. I finally have a happy, healthy daughter!

Lola has now completed her 12-week elimination diet and has even started to re-introduce her trigger foods back into her diet.

“She now has her food intolerances in small doses. I think that too much milk, egg, soya or wheat make her feel bad. She has them in her diet every week, but I just try to make sure she doesn’t have too much.

“Lola is a different child! Happy and healthy at last! I so wish we had done this years ago. It’s been life-changing,” Sharon announces.

Lola took a Junior Food Intolerance* Test

Ali Orr helped Lola to optimise her diet