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Scientific Director

Dr Gill Hart has over 30 years’ experience


Dr Gill Hart has over 30 years’ experience in the development and validation of diagnostic tests and services and steers the company’s research opportunities and product development. Our research shapes and directs the way in which we conduct our food intolerance tests and other testing services, providing us with critical knowledge needed to help optimise your diet and wellbeing.

Published Scientific Papers

Cutting edge research

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Not only do we constantly review our procedures in line with our cutting-edge research, we also routinely review ongoing research and publish relevant papers and surveys. These are available to download from our website.

What do we test for?

Not all food intolerance tests are equal

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If you’re currently looking for a food intolerance test you will have noticed that there are several testing kits available on the market. Before evaluating all the information out there it is important that you understand what the different tests are testing for.