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How It Works

YorkTest offers a complete home-to-laboratory service for all tests and programmes. Each kit is posted to you with everything needed to supply a small blood sample along with a return envelope for you to post your sample back to us.

Then it’s back to us to analyse and determine which ingredients are the cause of your gut problems. With your results in hand, you’ll be able to take back control of your health and wellbeing!

4 Simple Steps To A Better You

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You will receive your testing kit in the post.

After placing your order for an at-home food intolerance, allergy, or health test, you will receive your full kit in the post 1-2 days later with FREE First Class delivery. Each kit will include an antiseptic wipe, 2 single-use lancets, a wand or tube to capture the blood sample and its container, and a pre-paid Tracked 24 return envelope to send the kit back.  Register your kit on our secure Customer Wellness Hub through this website.

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premium food intolerance test finger prick demo


Take a blood sample with our easy to use finger-prick test.

A blood sample might make you hesitate but don’t worry, this will only feel like a scratch or minor pinch. Just take the lancet and prick the top of your finger, massaging it to get enough blood for the wand to soak. You also have a second lancet just in case the first prick is not that successful.

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Send your sample back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Once you have gathered your blood sample, put all materials back in the box provided–including the used lancets. Place the box and the completed customer details form in the pre-paid envelope and send it back to the lab to be evaluated by a fully trained and highly qualified team, led by Dr. Gill Hart.

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Receive Your Test Results Within 7 Working Days.

Your results will include an easy-to-follow traffic light list of your food intolerances and sensitivities based on reactivity, along with a food diary for you to track your progress. Thus begins your journey to getting your health and wellbeing back on track!

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Range of YorkTest testing kits
Range of YorkTest testing kits

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