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Devan Kellett

Age: 28
Symptoms: IBS, Bloating, Cramps, Bad Skin, Anxiety
Food Reactions: cows milk, borderline egg whites
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"I feel so much more relaxed about eating."

Tell us about your symptoms before you took the test?

IBS, Bloating, Cramps, Bad Skin, Anxiety


How long have you had your symptoms?

10 years


How did your symptoms affect your day-to-day life?

Made me nervous about going to restaurants, didn’t know what foods to order.


What did you feel unable to do as a result of your symptoms? (Activities and hobbies that you could no longer do etc.)

I didn’t like going out for food. Staying over friends houses.


How did you hear about YorkTest? (Through a friend/family member, on the internet etc.)

Through a friend


Why did you take a YorkTest? Was there a specific incident that made you decide to take a test with us?

The Black Friday deal and being sick of feeling rubbish


What solutions had you previously tried before coming to YorkTest?

Cutting out food that I thought was the issue but actually in the end they weren’t.


Did you seek advice from a specialist/GP? If so, what was the outcome/advice given?

Yes I had a blood tests/other tests to see if I were gluten intolerant.


What food and drink ingredients were you intolerant to? Were you surprised by the results?

Cows milk, very surprised.


Once you removed your trigger foods, how did you feel?

I feel like my skin has cleared, my stomach if flat and not cramping. My anxiety has disappeared and now I feel confident in ordering food


Are you able to do things you couldn’t do before taking a test? (New hobbies and activities.)

Yes, I can order Dairy free food now


How long did it take for you to see an improvement in your symptoms and overall health after removing your food intolerance?

A few weeks I noticed I’d gone without symptoms.


Did you see any change in weight through this process?

Yes, I lost weight, That’s because I cut out high fat food from my previous diet.


How easy did you find the elimination process?

I found it fine except the cheese!!


Are you still following your diet plan?



What happens if you eat your trigger foods?

I get cramps instantly


How helpful was the nutritional consultation?

VERY! Couldn’t be happier


How helpful did you find the Customer Care Team?

So lovely


How has your life changed since taking the test?

Massively. I feel so much more relaxed about eating.