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woman in a cream jacket posing for a selfie
Age: 35
Symptoms: bloating, stomach aches, tonsilitis
Food Reactions: cow's milk, goat's milk

“I wish I had discovered YorkTest years ago. It really has changed my life for the better”


35-year-old primary school teacher Melissa had been suffering for years with a sore stomach, bloating and having to rush to the toilet. Melissa was often tired and experienced recurring tonsilitis.

She explained how these symptoms had affected her during this time, “I would hate going out for dinner as I always had to get straight home afterwards. I also never had any energy for exercising.”

woman in a cream jacket posing for a selfie

Melissa learned about YorkTest from Instagram, after her doctor examined her numerous times and was unable to get to root cause of her digestive issues.

After taking a Premium Food Intolerance Test, Melissa found she had IgG reactivity to cow’s milk and goat’s milk. After eliminating her trigger ingredients, her digestive issues began to take a turn for the better.  “I have felt great since removing diary. I haven’t had tonsilitis at all since.”

Talking about her experience with trying to eliminate multiple foods from her diet, Melissa said, “It was easier than expected. There are lots of alternatives in the supermarket and you just have to check labels. Often things you think might have milk in them actually don’t.” Melissa continues to follow her diet plan and avoid her trigger foods. “I haven’t eaten any since the beginning of December. I feel so much better, I just don’t want to risk it!”

YorkTest analyses your IgG reactions to 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like Cow’s MilkGluten and Egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed Melissa’s intolerances. Following on from the test, we asked Melissa how she found the customer service experience to which she replied: “The team have been excellent from start to finish. My test got held up with the postal strikes and everyone was really helpful. The aftercare has been excellent too. It isn’t often you get such great customer service care these days!”

Similarly, on her appointment with one of our nutritional experts, Melissa added: “The consultation was amazing. Incredibly helpful and explained everything really well. This was one of the best parts of the test.”

When asked to sum up her whole experience with YorkTest, Melissa concluded: “My life really has changed. I feel so much better both emotionally and physically. I have more energy and I am all round happier. Not having a sore stomach or tonsilitis has been amazing.”