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Looking after your employees

Like you it’s our number one priority

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Have you ever thought of what’s going on inside the mind and body of your employees at this moment in time – right now? As you know fatigue, IBS symptoms and nausea are all common workplace sicknesses.


Did you know, these are also common food intolerance/ food allergy symptoms? These symptoms for many can reduce productivity and energy levels in the workplace whilst increasing absenteeism levels. Food has a lot to answer for! Our corporate team will support you to enhance your employees’ health and wellbeing by discovering food issues they may have.


It’s liberating to know that by simply removing certain foods can have a life changing effect.

More than just a testing company

Working together to build a happier, healthier workforce

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What does yorktest provide you as the employer?

Firstly, as a corporate partner we offer preferential rates for all our tests, we can work with any benefits schemes you already have in place, including, employer paid, employee paid and work in collaboration with most external benefits intermediaries.

We provide an anonymised summary of your employees results. This includes a report on the number of nutritional consultations provided and percentage of your employees who have followed through on the advice given.

To work with you to report on the positive impact on your business with regards to reduced number of sickness days taken and improvements to mental health or wellbeing issues of your employees.


What we offer

How do you pay for our tests?

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If you decide to Include our food intolerance, food allergy and health tests within your Benefits Package we can accommodate any option.

We can invoice you directly, itemising your employee sign ups, perhaps following a benefits window?

Allow your employees to pay for the tests, at our preferential corporate rates, either directly or via your payroll repayment scheme and yorktest will invoice you monthly.

In addition our benefits can be extended to your employees family members.


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