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Working with Sally Gunnell, our mission is to provide companies with life-changing solutions, for life changing health. We work in partnership with organisations to assess the overall health of their employees and then offer solutions to address these issues. We are known for enabling the improvement of productivity and performance of employees and organisations through our interventions. Sally says: “My message to people is always how important fueling your body correctly is and the effects it can have on both your body and mental state.”



Working together to Build a Happier, Healthier Workforce

There are many ways you can invest in your workforce to build a team that is healthy and happy. 

From increasing their holiday entitlement to providing private healthcare. However, there is always room to grow when it comes to giving back to your employees. 

Have you ever thought of what’s going on inside the mind and body of your employees at this moment in time – right now?

Fatigue, migraines, anxiety, depression, IBS symptoms and nausea are all common workplace sicknesses. 

However, these are also common food intolerance symptoms that can reduce productivity and energy levels in the workplace whilst increasing absenteeism levels, along with staff turnover.

Food is more than fuel. Here at YorkTest, we can collectively work with you to enhance your employees’ wellbeing by helping them to discover their individual food fingerprint.

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Health and wellbeing in the workplace

Updated PwC research suggests that a third of the UK workforce may have a health and wellbeing issue which may affect employees’ ability to carry out their day-to-day tasks. ‘Two in five have taken time off work or reduced their responsibilities because of their health’. Director of this research, Joe Salter, has given light to the fact that it is becoming increasingly more important for organisations to promote and provide employees with support for their emotional and physical health at work.

Four out of five respondents claimed that their health and wellbeing had a significant impact on performance levels. Now more than ever, it’s time to increase wellness strategies that offer both short-term and long-term goals for every worker.

Developing your Wellness Plan with YorkTest

Here at YorkTest, we take pride in making every individual feel the best they can and be the best version of themselves. This is why we offer food intolerance testing as part of a developing corporate wellness plan across organisations.

With a third of the UK workforce suffering from a health and wellbeing issue, finding out if your staff have food intolerances is one of the ways to eliminate a wide range of persistent symptoms. This also helps to combat absenteeism levels and increase employee wellbeing across the board.

An independent survey with over 5,000 participants revealed that 76% reported moderate to high benefit in their chronic symptoms after using the service. YorkTest’s clinical relevance is also substantiated through testimonial literature (link to case studies) and through our clinical trials where we put our food intolerance programmes into action in the working environment.

So why embed food intolerance testing into your wellbeing benefits? The answer lies within our results.

What’s included?

YorkTest’s food intolerance programmes involve sending a finger prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories to be analysed for reactions to up to 208 food and drink ingredients – from commonplace foods such as wheat and egg to modern living ingredients like kale, salmon and quinoa. The sample can be taken anywhere, anytime – at the office or at your employee’s home.

Clear coded results in a traffic light format, along with supporting materials, can be directly delivered back to the employee or through the HR department. There is also additional support through nutritional consultations to help your employees get the most out of their programmes and know how they can adapt their diet to certain intolerances.

YorkTest can be a part of your wellness strategy that offers short term benefits through a fast track elimination diet, but also offers long-term benefits alongside this. Your employees will be equipped with nutritional information and a bespoke programme to feel empowered on how to manage their intolerances and identity what foods work with their body and which work against.

We are invested in your workers from the day their kit is ordered and dispatched from our laboratory, right through to their continual care after their 12-week elimination diet.

How do you think your employees are feeing right now?

Go with your gut instinct with food intolerance testing to build a healthier, happier workforce.

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