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Angela Barber

woman wearing hiking gear, posing for the camera with a natural landscape in the background
Symptoms: psoriasis, insomnia
Food Reactions: egg, yeast, dairy

“My whole life has changed! It has affected everything!”

  • Angela suffered a lifetime of severe psoriasis and chronic insomnia
  • Prescribed medication her entire life, Angela decided to take matters into her own hands
  • Within 48 hours her psoriasis began to heal
  • Angela has also lost over a stone in weight

Angela Barber, a retired teacher who lives in Whitby, suffered from severe psoriasis: “I’ve had psoriasis since I was 12, with many acute periods.” Accompanied by chronic insomnia and general fatigue, Angela was prescribed a strict regime of “lotions and potions” and, as a very sporty and active person, the whole rigmarole of treatments affected her morale. She even had to pack her own sheets when travelling, in order to prevent further skin irritation.

Angela visited countless skin specialists over 50 years of her life and was prescribed a range of remedies, including some very strong drugs.  After all this time, she had all but given up on finding answers to her problems, until a chance conversation with her dentist.  He recommended she may be suffering from food intolerance*, and urged her to consider a test.

In utter desperation, Angela began to research food intolerance* symptoms online. However, after suffering for so long, she was doubtful that anything would help her and had given up on advice from doctors completely. It was through online research that Angela discovered YorkTest.

The YorkTest process involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratory to test IgG antibody reactions to over 200 foods. The colour-coded results customers receive (red for reaction, amber for borderline and green meaning no reaction) outline the ‘trigger’ foods and degree of intolerance.

Angela’s results revealed several trigger foods, but her biggest reactions were to dairy, eggs and yeast. Determined to find answers, she spoke to the Nutritional Therapist and began her elimination diet.

“Within 48 hours my skin started healing, literally before my eyes.  Between dressing in the morning and undressing in the evening, my skin was visibly improving!”  Suddenly Angela was sleeping better and after a lifetime of chronic insomnia, she began sleeping through the night. Later, Angela visited her GP for a health check.  She was pleased to discover that her borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol levels were drastically lower.

When asked how this has affected her life, Angela said: “My whole life has changed!  It has affected everything!”  Angela is now planning to walk part of the Camino de Santiago and is so relieved that taking her own bedding or worrying about skincare won’t be an issue for her.

Angela found her symptom improvements continued for about 3 months.  She now has very mild psoriasis which hardly bothers her at all, and she no longer needs her prescription ointment.  She also lost over a stone in weight and has almost reached her target weight.

Still following her diet, she says: “It was mentally easy because the results were so immediate and dramatic.  I’ve had to reform my cooking, but that’s easy now.”

“I’m healthier, fitter and have more energy and am more mentally positive. I wish I’d been tested earlier, it would have transferred my confidence in my youth.”

When asked to sum up her experience, Angela said: “I feel 10 years younger”.


YorkTest advises that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.