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Amber Heaton

A young woman with long blonde hair and a black top doing a selfie
Symptoms: fatigue, aches, pains
Food Reactions: cow's milk, wheat, cucumber

” I’m able to go out worry free “


27-year-old Amber was struggling with her symptoms for around two years before she was able to get to the bottom of why she was feeling this way. Her symptoms included severe stomach cramps, bloating, digestive issues and generally feeling sluggish and fatigued. After seeking out advice from her GP, Amber was diagnosed with IBS and was prescribed a variety of different medications to try to resolve the digestive issues she had been experiencing; but they couldn’t assist in any way with the triggers.

After several unsuccessful doctor’s appointments, combined with the frustration of suffering from her symptoms for so long; Amber decided to search online for intolerance tests – which is where she found YorkTest.

After taking a Food Intolerance Test, Amber discovered that she was intolerant to cow’s milk, wheat and cucumber; leaving her surprised by what the test had found as these foods were regularly in her diet.

These food intolerance symptoms had disrupted Amber’s social life and caused a lot of discomforts: “I couldn’t relax when out with friends or a lot of the time”. When asked how her symptoms affected her day-to-day life, Amber added: “It was awful, I would have flare-ups at work or whilst visiting friends in other cities. I feel like it completely consumed me.”

After eliminating these trigger foods from her diet, Amber’s symptoms eased off almost immediately and meant she was now able to enjoy socialising with friends once again. “I’m able to go out worry free.”

Amber is now aware of her triggers and adds she can now adjust her diet accordingly. And after discovering her trigger foods and eliminating her symptoms, she is now able to follow a diet plan and relax a little bit more on the weekend as a result. When asked how she found the elimination process, Amber claimed she had no problems whatsoever: “I found it easy as I was so determined to feel better! I am now eating better and I am aware of what triggers me, so if I have a small amount now I am okay.

The Premium Food Intolerance* Test analyses your IgG reactions to over 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like Cow’s MilkGluten and Egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed that Amber was intolerant to and she received her result within 7-days.  Following on from the test, the YorkTest Customer Care Team are on hand to answer any queries and offer follow-up advice. Amber added that she found the YorkTest Customer Care Team “very helpful and friendly” and went on to say, when asked about her nutritional consultation: “It was nice having someone on hand to help with any questions and generally helpful.”

Amber was then asked to summarise her experience with YorkTest as a whole, to which she responded: “I feel so lucky to have stumbled across YorkTest and went for it! If I didn’t, I can’t imagine where my mental health would be as I was really struggling with severe pain and didn’t know where to start.”