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Emily Catterall

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Symptoms: IBS
Food Reactions: cow's milk, egg

“I feel like I’m in a new body! I’m so much healthier”

  • Emily, 24, was diagnosed with IBS by her GP after suffering for over 12 weeks with pains, discomfort and daily bloating
  • As a result of her symptoms, she was unable to participate in any activities and she often avoided social events and eating out, in fear that it would trigger her IBS-type symptoms
  • After hearing about YorkTest on Instagram, she decided to take a food intolerance* test with YorkTest to see what foods she was reacting to
  • Her food intolerance* test revealed she was intolerant to cow’s milk and eggs
  • Within two days of starting her elimination diet, she felt ‘amazing’. She’s now back at the gym and often eating out with friends and family



Emily Catterall, 24, was diagnosed with IBS by her GP and was put on two types of medication after suffering for over 12 weeks with daily bloating, discomfort and pains.

Her symptoms had a knock-on effect on many activities she usually enjoyed; this included social events and even eating out, as she feared food may trigger her bloating and discomfort.

“I didn’t want to just ‘treat’ my stomach with pills, I wanted to find the route of the problem,” says Emily. The 24-year-old from Preston, who also re-joined slimming world, came across YorkTest after seeing a mention on Instagram. Intrigued to find out what foods were causing her discomfort, she decided to order the Premium Food Intolerance* Test.

The Premium Food Intolerance* Test analyses your IgG reactions to over 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like cow’s milk, gluten and egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed that Emily was intolerant* to cow’s milk and eggs.

The first step for the 24-year-old was to eliminate her trigger foods to see if her digestive symptoms would alleviate. The programme comes with one 30-minute phone consultation with one of our registered nutritional therapists. Emily expresses that the consultation helped her to understand the foods she couldn’t have, as well as giving her the opportunity and knowledge to explore equally nutritious alternatives out there.

“I felt amazing from day two,” says Emily. “I now don’t suffer from any pain and discomfort. I am so happy”.

“I am now back at the gym and eating out often with friends and family”.

Not only has Emily seen improvement in her symptoms, but the elimination diet itself has encouraged her weight loss journey. “I have lost 8.5lbs and am still losing” she excitedly says.

The final step for Emily is to reintroduce her trigger foods after her 12-week period of dietary elimination approaches. Her next steps will be supported by one of our nutritional therapists to ensure the reintroduction of her trigger foods is carried out safely.

“I can’t tell you how AMAZINGLY different I have felt since! No more pills and no pain and discomfort. I have spoken with a consultant through YorkTest and after 12 weeks we speak again about how to adjust back into those foods” Emily explains.

To sum up her YorkTest experience, Emily says, “I have come so far with it, all the things I have to be without are so worth it. I feel like I’m in a new body! I’m so much healthier!”.

Emily followed a YorkTest Premium Food Intolerance Test

Sarah helped Emily to optimise her diet safely and effectively