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Carol Anne Mayhew

Middle aged woman in jeans posing for a photo in the park on a bridge
Symptoms: stomach pains, diarrhoea
Food Reactions: egg yolk, cow's milk, yeast

“I have my life back”


64-year-old retiree, Carol Anne Mayhew, had been suffering with severe stomach pains and loose bowels for two years. She explained how these symptoms had affected her during this time, “It controlled my day-to-day life as I was unable to do anything the next day as it always happened at night. I was not able to plan our days or go out on holiday as I didn’t know when it was going to happen and when it did, I needed to be near a toilet at all times. ”

Middle aged woman in jeans posing for a photo in the park on a bridge

Carol learned about YorkTest through a friend who had also tried a food intolerance test in search for a solution to her symptoms.

After taking a Premium Food Intolerance Test, Carol found she had IgG reactivity to egg yolk, cow’s milk and yeast. After eliminating her trigger ingredients, her symptoms began to take a turn for the better. “So much better, I’ve not had any of the symptoms so far. I lost some weight (hooray), so was happy about that.”

Talking about her experience with trying to eliminate multiple foods from her diet, Carol said, “It was not easy to start with but it’s okay now.”

YorkTest analyses your IgG reactions to 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like Cow’s MilkGluten and Egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed Carol’s intolerances. Following on from the test, we asked Carol how she found the customer service experience to which she replied: “very helpful.”. On her nutritional consultation, Carol found it “very helpful, listened to what I had to say.”

When asked to sum up her whole experience with YorkTest, Carol concluded: “I have my life back, all is great.”