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Sarah Healy

Sarah Healy
Symptoms: bloating, weight gain, anxiety
Food Reactions: wheat, eggs, coconut, chia seeds

  • 33-year-old Sarah Healy had been suffering from a range of common food intolerance symptoms, such as bloating, weight gain and feeling anxious
  • Her symptoms, which had plagued her for over five years, affected most aspects of her day-to-day life
  • Sarah sought advice for her persistent symptoms, including several scans, blood tests and examinations like a gastroscopy but to no avail
  • It wasn’t until her mum recommended YorkTest that Sarah decided to try to see if taking a closer look at her diet could alleviate her symptoms
  • YorkTest’s Premium Food Intolerance* Test revealed that Sarah was intolerant to foods such as wheat, eggs, coconut and chia seeds
  • After removing her trigger foods, she felt better within two days. Sarah also noticed her clothes seemed to fit better, and has “finally started to enjoy life again”

Sarah Healy, who works in Road Freight Operations, had been suffering from a range of common food intolerance* symptoms, such as bloating, weight gain and feeling anxious. She also had trouble sleeping, suffered from dry skin and complained of odd aches and pains.

For over five years, Sarah’s symptoms were affecting almost all aspects of her life. “They affected everything, I just had no energy, I felt unattractive and anxious, which in turn made me feel lazy.

“I would go for food with friends and always leave straight after because I was in pain. I didn’t want to go out and socialise because I felt tired,” Sarah says.

To try to get the bottom of her persistent symptoms, or at least try to find an explanation, Sarah sought advice from her GP on several occasions.

“I tried everything through my GP/hospital. I have had scans, MRIs, blood tests, examinations, a gastroscopy (which was honestly awful). You name it, I tried it.

“After all the investigations, I was told it was just a sensitive stomach and that it happens sometimes. I felt so deflated, as if that was it and I would just have to live feeling like this.

“It’s so hard to explain to people too because they can’t see it,” the 33-year-old explains.

It wasn’t until Sarah was recommended to try a food intolerance* test to see if taking a closer look at her diet could give some explanation as to why she was feeling a host of disrupting symptoms.

“My mum had an inkling that it might be down to a food intolerance. Her friend had taken it before, and we had exhausted all avenues at the hospital. I was willing to try anything at this point,” she explains.

The Premium Food Intolerance* Test analyses your IgG reactions to over 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like cow’s milkgluten and egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed that Sarah was intolerant foods, such as wheat, eggs, coconut and chia seeds.

When Sarah received her colour-coded results, she immediately felt “relieved”. The next step was to eliminate her trigger foods from her diet with support from one of our nutritional therapists which are included in all our full programmes.

“I instantly felt better within two days. I felt less bloated, actually had energy, my dry skin started clearing up, the shaky hands stopped. I slept through the night and it was incredible. I thought WOW this must be what it feels like to be ‘normal’,” she announces.

Sarah found her elimination diet “easy” due to the fact she remembers how ill her trigger foods were making her feel.

Life has drastically changed for the 33-year-old and her clothes are already fitting better after losing just under 11 pounds in weight.

“I can finally start enjoying life again,” Sarah proclaims.

Sarah took a Premium Food Intolerance Test

Ali Orr helped Sarah to optimise her diet.

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