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Kate Turnbull

Young woman in an elegant cream dress posing for an evening picture in an outdoor venue
Age: 39
Symptoms: chronic fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, hypermobility
Food Reactions: yeast, egg yolk, tomatoes, strawberries, molds, peanuts

“I can be the person I am meant to be, pain free, enjoying my precious life”

39-year-old graphic designer, Kate Turnbull, was dealing with a range of unpleasant symptoms. Kate had suffered with chronic fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain and hypermobility for 28 years.

When asked about how these symptoms affected her life, Kate said: “I would have to factor rest times into my day and make sure I did not exert myself. I had to spend time daily managing my symptoms with warm baths, gentle massage, naps and painkillers. It was difficult to keep on top of household chores and life admin.”

Kate added “Even going for a gentle walk I could sometimes be bedridden the next day. I missed out on activities on holiday, e.g. swimming, day trips. I needed to go to bed early in the evening due to exhaustion.”

Kate had heard about YorkTest on and off over the years and decided to give it a go when her osteopath recommended she try a food intolerance test to support her recovery.

Young woman in an elegant cream dress posing for an evening picture in an outdoor venue

After taking the Food Allergy and Intolerance Bundle, Kate’s results indicated that her body was reacting to yeast and egg yolk, tomatoes, strawberries, molds and peanuts.

We asked Kate how she felt after removing these trigger foods. “Within the first week, I felt more energised and my joint pain had decreased dramatically. After a month of cutting out my trigger foods, I noticed steady energy levels, bright eyes and clear skin, drastically reduced chronic muscle pain and longer concentration levels”.

Kate can now also enjoy activities she previously found difficult, “I don’t worry about having a busy day. I do not take painkillers. I can plan holidays and day trips without worrying about including rest time”.

Our test analyses your IgG reactions to 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like gluten and cow’s milk, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process involves sending a finger-prick blood sample back to YorkTest, Kate then received her results within 7-days through the Wellness Hub, in an easy-to-read traffic light-based format.

Eliminating the trigger foods and sticking to her diet plan has helped clear Kate’s symptoms and be more active. When asked about her nutritional consultation, Kate commented: “The nutritionist call was helpful. There is too much misleading information online. It was great having advice tailored specifically to me and all my questions answered.” Similarly, Kate also found the customer service team “very friendly and nice to know help was there if needed, thank you.”

When asked how life had changed since taking the test and how she would summarise her experience, Kate concluded: “My mindset is great, I feel so positive now I don’t have a daily battle with chronic muscle and joint pain. All my friends and family are happier too seeing me happy, relaxed and energised!”