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Holly Hagan

holly hagan yorktest
Symptoms: skin issues
Food Reactions: egg, peanut, yeast

“I cannot thank YorkTest enough, as this really has changed my daily life”

Geordie Shore star, Holly Hagan, approached yorktest after suffering from face and chest breakouts. Even during her teens, Holly wasn’t prone to acne, other than her usual hormonal spot or two.

Unpaid and unsponsored, the star who has over 3.6 million followers on Instagram, decided to share to the world her own journey with yorktest, the UK’s leading provider in food intolerance* testing.

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#Repost @hollygshore ・・・ Not sponsored! Please read, So basically long story short I’ve been suffering with my skin for a good year, I’ve never suffered in my teens I would just get that one hormonal spot a month. However these breakouts were horrific all over my face and chest and I just couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong. My skincare routine was amazing, I rarely wear makeup and my diet was good. My Mam noticed that I eat pretty much the same thing every day (one being poached eggs) she thought maybe it was a reaction to something I was eating. I messaged @yorktestlabs for an intolerance test and she was right I was intolerant to eggs, cows milk, peanuts. From that day I cut out eggs and peanut butter and reduced my intake of wheat and yeast as that was a mild intolerance and my skin has completely cleared!!! I think people usually only take these tests if they suffer with bloating or digestive issues however I’d suffered for a long time and spent so much money on creams and all I needed to do was change my diet! I cannot thank @yorktestlabs enough as this really has changed my daily life. Like I say this is not sponsored and I’m not being paid to say this but hopefully if someone out there is suffering like I was this could help! 🙌🏼

A post shared by yorktest Laboratories (@yorktestlabs) on Aug 15, 2018 at 8:36am PDT

Before and After:

Holly Hagan Before