Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina Rihanoff
Symptoms: headaches, digestive discomfort, fatigue
Food Reactions: wheat, dairy

Strictly Star Kristina Rihanoff Reveals how YorkTest Helped her Boost her Energy and Reach her Ideal Weight.

The weekend saw Kristina Rihanoff, professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing and partner Simon Webbe win another demanding dance off but it isn’t just the long hours of training that have seen her through to week 6. Kristina links her ability to keep up with the gruelling training schedule with a change of diet brought on by discovering her food intolerances with YorkTest.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, she discussed how she was introduced to YorkTest when she was showing symptoms of food intolerance*.

How She Came Across YorkTest

Despite living an active and healthy lifestyle, Kristina like many of us started to suffer from recurring headaches and digestive discomfort as well as persistent fatigue.

‘When I hit my 30s I kept getting headaches and picking up coughs and colds. I felt bloated and tired all the time and despite my dancing, I never had any energy. I was exhausted all the time’

When these problems continued to occur, Kristina was recommended to take a Premium Food Intolerance* Test by a friend to see if the test could reveal the root cause.

Kristina’s Test Results

The test revealed she was intolerant* to a number of ingredients, including wheat and dairy.

‘In my mind, I was a healthy eater. But here I was being told by a Nutritional Therapist that so many of the foods I ate, and that I thought were good for me, could have been the cause of my problems all along’

Optimising Her Diet

After discovering her results, Kristina was advised to avoid dairy and to look into other alternatives. She swapped cow’s milk for hemp milk and substituted wheat for other grains, such as quinoa and barley, recommended during her Nutritional Therapy consultation.

Kristina followed this diet for three months to test the effects, but it took just a few weeks to notice improvements including unexpected weight loss.

‘When I started the diet I was wearing a dress size 10. By within a few weeks, my stomach felt flatter and the puffiness I’d felt before had gone and I could get into a size 8”

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