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yorktest client becca sitting by the pool
Symptoms: stomach pains, constipation
Food Reactions: cow’s milk, egg white, yolk, brazil nuts, yeast, gluten

“I feel I have much more control over my digestive health.”

Before taking a yorktest, Becca suffered from extremely bad stomach pains daily, constipation and excessive gas. Her symptoms lead to her isolating herself from her flat mates at university. Her symptoms also had an impact on her mood, as she would become frustrated and feel quite low.

“It was very embarrassing, I often suffered from gas particularly in the evening and felt I couldn’t relax in communal spaces with my flat mates at uni, which resulted in isolating myself. I also felt unwell from the constant stomach pain which lead to great frustration and low mood.”

Becca attempted to improve her symptoms by trying different diets. She also visited her GP and a dietitian for help and advice to get rid of her symptoms, however she was unable to get the help she wanted.

“I came across yorktest online when I was researching IBS and alternative diets that could relieve symptoms. I finally did the test a year later after becoming so frustrated with my lack of results from my GP, dietitian and trying diets such as paleo.

Becca was even more determined to improve her health after being diagnosed with depression. She explains that although the cost of a food intolerance* test could go towards a week long holiday, a test would influence her daily health, which could lead to a positive change that is lifelong.

“After being diagnosed with depression I decided to get my life in order. £250 is what you could spend on a week long holiday, whereas this test could influence my daily health.”

Although Becca already suspected some of her triggers foods revealed from the test, there was some that were a surprise to her.

“I had reactions to cow’s milk, egg white and yolk, brazil nuts, yeast and gluten. Gluten was something I had already guessed and have tried cutting it out but that didn’t completely remove my symptoms. Yeast was something I didn’t even consider as a possible trigger and having tried cutting it out of my diet and reintroducing it, it is clear I’m intolerant to it.”

After removing her trigger foods, Becca started to have regular bowel movements, no longer had daily stomach pains and even started losing weight.

“I think it took about a month for my digestive system to be working at optimum. Bowel movements actually started to become a regular thing, which was such a relief! Stomach pain that plagued me every day is now history. I quickly lost weight in the first 2-4 weeks as my diet was so clean, there was no space for any convenience foods.”

Becca continues to follow her new diet, with only occasionally indulging on her trigger foods.

“I am still mostly following my diet plan, I occasionally cheat and eat milk chocolate or ice cream or add some grated cheese to my dinner. Sometimes I get away with it or if I’ve gone particularly overboard with the chocolate I have a bit of a problem with gas.”

By taking a YorkTest, Becca’s quality of life has improved greatly and she now feels that she has more control over her digestive health.

“Yes, I’m very pleased I took the test, it helped take the guess work out of food diaries which I have months of records of, which was of very little help. You don’t know how important good digestion is until you have awful digestion! I feel I have much more control over my digestive health.”


YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.