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Kerry Graham

kerry experienced joint pain and bloating
Symptoms: joint pain, bloating
Food Reactions: duck, barley, yeast, guarana, prune

“After a few weeks of sticking to the food elimination all the symptoms had gone”

  • Kerry, a 40 year old mum from Cumbria, was experiencing joint and muscle aches as well as bloating and mixed bowel movements.
  • All of this was difficult to deal with and left her feeling fatigued.
  • Suffering for almost a year, she took action after a friend recommended yorktest to her.
  • After a few weeks of following a YorkTest programme, her symptoms disappeared and she now feels “happier and healthier”


Juggling a job and full-time motherhood is a challenge enough for most people but Kerry Graham also had to cope with constant back ache, achy joints, erratic bowel movements and bloating. She couldn’t enjoy her family life and had noticed it starting to affect her work. Exercise was completely out of the window and sleeping became a nightly battle.

She visited her GP in the hope of finding some form of relief. However, despite carrying out tests, they couldn’t provide any definite diagnosis. She changed her diet to try and address her symptoms but there was still saw no tangible difference. A friend of hers subsequently recommended the services of YorkTest, who could provide guidance on an elimination diet based on results rather than assumptions.

Kerry ordered a Premium Food Intolerance* Test to be sent to her home, took a small blood sample and popped it back in the post, awaiting her results. A few days later, she found out that the YorkTest laboratory had detected IgG antibody reactions to cow’s milk, duck, barley, yeast, guarana and prune.

Surprised by the results, Kerry had her nutritional consultation with Jackie, a YorkTest Nutritional Therapist, and found these ingredients were commonplace in her diet. By removing these trigger foods with the continued guidance of YorkTest, she saw big improvements in her symptoms after just 4 weeks.

“After a few weeks of sticking to the food elimination all the symptoms had gone,” Kerry said. “Even my mood was lifted and I was back exercising.”

Having also lost 7lbs on the diet, Kerry was able to rediscover her old hobbies and way of life.

“I’m so much happier and feel healthier,” she said.

YorkTest advises that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.