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Leigh Macey

middle aged blonde woman smiling at the camera
Symptoms: bloating, stomach pain, cramps, heartburn
Food Reactions: diary, eggs, garlic, wheat, gluten, crustacean mix

" I feel so relieved to finally have an answer to my symptoms."

“For me the test has really been a life changer after suffering so long with IBS symptoms”


58-year-old carer, Leigh Macey, had been suffering for over 20 years with bloating, stomach pain, cramps, heartburn and digestive problems. Following a colonoscopy, Leigh was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

She explained how these symptoms had affected her during this time, “I found the symptoms caused me lots of anxiety and pain. Due to the bloating I had problems with my clothes fitting comfortably.”

Leigh added, “I would often not feel like leaving the house due to my symptoms. I could never be sure when my stomach would suddenly start being painful and bloating.”

middle aged blonde woman smiling at the camera

Leigh learned about YorkTest from a friend who had previously found taking an allergy test beneficial. “I decided to try YorkTest because my IBS had been so bad. It was affecting me everyday and I had tried over the counter medication which was not helping me. I decided to try and find out if I was intolerant to anything before seeking medical help again.”

After taking a Premium Food Intolerance Test, Leigh found she had IgG reactivity to dairy, eggs, garlic, wheat, gluten and crustacean mix. After eliminating her trigger ingredients, her digestive issues began to take a turn for the better.  “I feel much better in myself, my clothes are fitting better and I have taken up yoga which before I would not have been comfortable doing.”

Talking about her experience with trying to eliminate multiple foods from her diet, Leigh said, “The nutritionist who called gave me lots of alternative products to buy to replace the dairy from my diet. There is so much available now it has not been a problem for me. I concentrated on what I can eat rather than what I can’t.”

YorkTest analyses your IgG reactions to 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like Cow’s MilkGluten and Egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed Leigh’s intolerances. Following on from the test, we asked Leigh how she found the customer service experience to which she replied: “The customer care team have been very helpful and friendly in the process.”

Similarly, on her appointment with one of our nutritional experts, Leigh added: “The nutritional consultation was very helpful and gave plenty of advice on alternatives to eat.”

When asked to sum up her whole experience with YorkTest, Leigh concluded: “For me the test has really been a life changer after suffering for so long with IBS symptoms. I feel so relieved to finally have an answer to my symptoms.”