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Kathleen Lenihan

middle aged woman posing with a glass of beer and a book in her hands while smiling at the camera
Symptoms: diverticulitis, IBS, diarrhoea
Food Reactions: cow's milk, eggs

“Amazing, I feel very confident”


62-year-old Kathleen Lenihan had been suffering for two years with diverticulitis, IBS and diarrhoea. She explained how these symptoms had affected her during this time, “I couldn’t leave the house and had time off work. I couldn’t do my Zumba class, meet people and socialise.”


middle aged woman posing with a glass of beer and a book in her hands while smiling at the camera


Kathleen learned about YorkTest after her daughter recommended to try a food intolerance test to find the root cause of her symptoms. “Everything I tried to eat was going through me and my daughter was worried.”

After taking a Premium Food Intolerance Test Kathleen found she had IgG reactivity to cow’s milk and eggs. After eliminating her trigger ingredients, her symptoms began to take a turn for the better within two to three weeks.  “I feel confident on walking groups, I’m back to Zumba and eating out with family and friends.”

Talking about her experience with trying to eliminate multiple foods from her diet, Kathleen said, “I soon got used to it.”

YorkTest analyses your IgG reactions to 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like Cow’s MilkGluten and Egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed Kathleen’s intolerances. Following on from the test, we asked Kathleen how she found the customer service experience to which she replied: “very good” as was her appointment with her nutritional expert.

When asked to sum up her whole experience with YorkTest, Kathleen concluded: “Amazing. I feel very confident. I am doing things I thought I wouldn’t do again.”