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Reece Scott

Reece Scott. a YorkTest customer who suffered from IBS and used a Premium Food Intolerance Test to identify his trigger foods and eliminate them from his diet to alleviate his symptoms.
Age: 28
Test Date: 20201101
Symptoms: stomach cramps, diarrhoea, sickness, heart burn, bloating, fatigue
Food Reactions: cows milk, borderline intolerant to Anise seed, curry powder/leaves and gluten

"I feel much better, so thank you to the team at YorkTest. I appreciate analysing a few samples and providing guidance may not seem that significant to the guys behind the scenes, but it has been life changing for me so thank you again."

Tell us about your symptoms before you took the test?

I was experiencing stomach cramps, diarrhoea, sickness, heart burn, bloating, fatigue


How long have you had your symptoms?

My symptoms have got progressively worse over the years. I have probably been experiencing these symptoms for about 4 or 5 years.


How did your symptoms affect your day-to-day life?

I was constantly having to think about what I was eating and drinking, where toilets where, and what clothing I was wearing due to bloating.


What did you feel unable to do as a result of your symptoms? (Activities and hobbies that you could no longer do etc.)

I become very conscious of my bloating and how I looked in my clothes so I became more and more reluctant to go out and socialise and how I looked at work in suit attire.


How did you hear about YorkTest? (Through a friend/family member, on the internet etc.)

I googled testing for stomach problems. I then spoke to a friend who said they had used YorkTest previously and said that they were helpful and had used them before due to suffering similar issues.


Why did you take a YorkTest? Was there a specific incident that made you decide to take a test with us?

I found that YorkTest offered good value for money, easy way of identifying what my stomach issues where.


What solutions had you previously tried before coming to YorkTest?

I had previously tried eliminating foods from my diet, but it was very difficulty without an idea as to which foods may be causing me problems.


Did you seek advice from a specialist/GP? If so, what was the outcome/advice given?

No I did not.


What Food And Drink Ingredients Were You Intolerant To?

My results came back showing that I was highly intolerant to cows milk and borderline intolerant to Anise Seed, Curry Powder/Leaves and gluten.


Once you removed your trigger foods, how did you feel?

I have been dairy free now since I took my test and I feel amazing, I also limit the gluten in my diet.


Are you able to do things you couldn’t do before taking a test? (New hobbies and activities.)

Yes I am now more confident in social settings and at work.


How long did it take for you to see an improvement in your symptoms and overall health after removing your food intolerance?

My symptoms started to ease within a few days of cutting out dairy.


Did you see any change in weight through this process?

I did notice that my weight alway fluctuated quite considerably and is now stable.


How easy did you find the elimination process?

Very easy


Are you still following your diet plan?

Yes, I am now dairy free all the time now and have limited gluten products.


What happens if you eat your trigger foods?

I get a very sicky feeling and become extremely bloated and have the usual issues of loose stool, heart burn.


How helpful was the nutritional consultation?

Very, they contacted me for an initial discussion and have since contacted me again just to check on me! They did not need to contact me a second time, I was extremely impressed when I had another call and they were simply phoning to check that I was okay. Brilliant customer care.


How helpful did you find the Customer Care Team?

Very helpful


How has your life changed since taking the test?

I feel much better and I am now a lot more confident and aware of what I can and cannot eat/drink.