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Daisy Day

Client IBS transformation
Symptoms: diarrhoea, painful cramps, bloating
Food Reactions: yeast, milk, gluten, string beans

“I’m extremely happy with the results and it really has changed my life.”

Before taking a YorkTest, Daisy had a range of different symptoms which affected her daily.

“I got diagnosed with IBS 5 years ago after suffering from constant diarrhoea, painful cramps and bloating. I was also suffering from tiredness, flatulence and diarrhoea with bouts of constipation. Another symptom that I didn’t link to the others was discoid eczema which had suddenly appeared all over my stomach my neck and face.”

Daisy found that her symptoms starting to become out of control, which lead her to purchase aYorkTest Food Intolerance* Test to find out if she had a food intolerance*.

“My symptoms were manageable up until I went on holiday about 6 months ago. While I was on holiday my stomach was constantly bloated to the point where I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and it was really upsetting.”

After visiting the doctors with no success, Daisy took advice from a family friend who has food intolerances*.

“The doctors, unfortunately, couldn’t really do anything else to alleviate my symptoms so I turned to YorkTest as a friend had similar symptoms to me and it turned out to be a food intolerance*.”

Daisy’s food intolerance test results showed a variety of different trigger foods which she removed from her diet straight away.

“My test came back saying that I had tested positive for yeast, milk, gluten and string beans. After the results came back, I cut all of these foods out of my diet.”

Daisy removed her food intolerances from her diet and noticed an improvement almost immediately.

“I noticed a difference within 3 days. My stomach went completely flat which hasn’t happened in years. All of my symptoms completely disappeared and I felt so energetic and healthy.”

Daisy found her nutritional consultation extremely useful when it came to eliminating her trigger foods.

“The free phone call with the nutritionist was also so helpful, as yeast is quite a tricky thing to cut out of your diet. Milk and gluten are labelled under “allergens” on food products, however, spotting yeast in food is a bit more difficult. There were quite a lot of foods that I was eating and I wasn’t even aware they contained yeast, so having this consultation was really helpful for me.”

Daisy has found this experience life-changing and continues to stick to her new diet to avoid adverse effects.

“I’m extremely happy with the results and it really has changed my life. The only time that I have got bloated since then is on holiday when I ate some bread and ice cream and it definitely wasn’t worth it!”

YorkTest advises that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.