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Carol Kilmister

Symptoms: chronic diarrhoea, bloating
Food Reactions: cow's milk, eggs

“I feel happier knowing that I have control over how my body reacts”

For a long time, 58 year old administrator Carol Kilmister had been suffering with chronic diarrhoea and a bloated stomach after certain meals.

Carol explained how these symptoms had affected her during this time, “It ruined my experience of having a nice meal as I would just suffer after it. It affected going out for a meal to a restaurant with friends.”


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Carol came across YorkTest from a family member who had taken the test previously and decided to give it a go as well and get to the root of her symptoms.

After taking a Premium Food Intolerance Test, Carol found she had IgG reactivity to a number of different foods including cow’s milk and eggs. Commenting on her results, Carol said “I was really surprised by the cow’s milk but I had a feeling it might have been eggs as I had been eating more of them in my diet.”

After eliminating her trigger ingredients, Carol saw visible improvements almost immediately, “No more diarrhoea and no more bloating.”

Talking about her experience with trying to eliminate multiple foods from her diet, Carol said ” It’s changed the way I cook and also the way I look at a menu. I am very selective with what I have and tend to choose a vegan option if possible. Finding the best cow’s milk substitute for me took a couple of weeks to suss out and the loss of nice bread was difficult but the results were so good it all felt worth it. ”

YorkTest analyses your IgG reactions to 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like Cow’s MilkGluten and Egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed Carol’s intolerances. Following on from the test, the YorkTest Customer Service Team are on hand to answer any queries and offer follow-up advice. In her words, Carol found the customer service “very helpful”.

When asked to sum up her experience with YorkTest and how her life changed since taking the test, Carol added: “I feel happier and more informed on how I can help myself live a healthier lifestyle.”