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Autumn Fitness Tips from Hannah Mills

Autumn Fitness Tips from Hannah Mills

4 minute read time

Autumn is officially here – it’s the time of year when our first reaction is to curl up on the sofa and binge on TV. However, it can also be the perfect time to get fit and healthy. We interviewed fitness blogger Hannah Mills, the brains behind ‘Wedges and Weights’ who tells all on her go-to meals, fitness tips and how she stays positive.

–          Hi Hannah! Why did you decide to become a fitness blogger?

I began blogging as a hobby, as at the time I was auditioning for musicals as I trained professionally as a dancer. I constantly had to keep my fitness levels up and that’s when I started to venture in to the weights room. Basically I fell in love, but what I did notice was that there weren’t many women in there; this was something I wanted to change. So I started to share my workouts and experiences as I was determined to inspire more women to try weightlifting and feel as amazing as I was feeling, and ‘Wedges & Weights’ was born!

–          Have you been an advocate of personal fitness, or was this motivated by a specific decision you decided to make?

Given my background, I have always looked after my body, but I would say I became more serious with my training and nutrition a few years ago, mainly due to that fact that I wanted to create a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body and a healthy mind that could last forever.

–          Has blogging changed how you approach your fitness regime?

Hmm, this is a tricky one. I don’t think it has you know, I’m still the same girl with bundles of motivation, it’s just my goals that have changed and of course I’m now a fully qualified personal trainer too.

–          A lot of people feel quite negative at this time of year – what do you do to keep yourself motivated?

To stay motivated I think it’s important to surround yourself with positive people who give off positive energy, so this is something I do on a daily basis. As corny as it sounds, I also always think about what I am grateful for in my life. When you have a positive mind, you become focussed; more motivated and you’ll be able to work even harder in the gym!

–          Does your autumn fitness routine differ from other times of the year?

Now I’m not a ‘runner’ but I do love incorporating low intensity steady state runs in to my programme in autumn. I love the colour of the gorgeous autumn leaves and conkers so it’s just such a beautiful time of year to get outside.

–          If you ever find yourself lapsing from your usual routine, how do you get “back on track”?

The one thing I have learnt to do is to not stress about it, getting “back on track” is simple; I make sure I prep my food at the start of the week, schedule my workouts in my diary and also find it helpful when I make a list of why I love living a healthy lifestyle – this in itself is enough to remind you why you’re doing it.

–          Are there any pieces of kit you’d consider as essential for exercising in autumn?

As it is gets a little nippy at this time of year, layering up is key when training outdoors. As well as being functional, you want to look good, so a cute bright long sleeve top and shower proof jacket will do the trick. Sweaty Betty have some awesome pieces in at the moment, so check out their AW14 collection.

–          Where is your favourite place to exercise at this time of year?

As much as I’m a major gym bunny and always will be, nothing beats the crisp outdoors at this time of year with the autumn sun.

–          For those thinking about making a lifestyle change, what would you say is the best way to start to integrate exercise into your life?

Have a plan. Look at your diary, schedule your training sessions and treat them like appointments. These don’t have to be at a gym, you could do it at home bright and early before you go to work, or even whilst your dinner is in the oven when you get home. Start off doing around three 30 minute workouts a week and build from here. Also, a great way to incorporate exercise in to your everyday life is to walk or cycle instead of driving, so ditch the car and get on your bike!

–      What’s your go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast – egg muffins. Lunch – grilled chicken, avocado and beetroot salad. Dinner – chilli & lime turkey patties with stir-fried vegetables and sweet potato wedges. NOM.

–          Are there any foods you swear by to keep yourself energized?

I always stick to single ingredient foods, the only exception being when it’s a ‘treat meal’. Single ingredient foods don’t tend to have any added nasties, I love piling my plate full of veggies as these fill me up and make me feel good.

–          Do you think diet and fitness have an impact on each other?

100%. When you learn to fuel your body right you will get the results you want. You wouldn’t expect your car to be able to run without petrol so don’t expect your body to perform without food. Eating a well balanced diet and knowing what foods your body responds well to has a huge impact on your training and results.

–          What would you say the most important component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is?

Enjoy it! This is what I say all the time to the ‘Wedges & Weights’ girlies, you have GOT to enjoy the lifestyle you’re creating. Find a form of exercise that you have fun doing, find foods that you love eating, as when you enjoy the life that you’re living, you’ll not only maintain it, but love every second and never look back.

Read more from Hannah on her blog Wedges and Weights or follow her on Twitter.

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