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The 10 best foods to enjoy with your coffee in the morning

The 10 best foods to enjoy with your coffee in the morning

3 minute read time

It’s true what they say – good ideas always start with coffee. Want to know how to have even better ideas? Enjoy your coffee with a side of nutritious breakfast foods.

Is coffee good for you?

Did you know there’s more to coffee than just the buzz of caffeine? In fact, if coffee nutrition facts are to go by, it might be one of the healthiest drinks in the world. Alongside the other health benefits of coffee, just one daily cup can give you many of the antioxidants and nutrients you need.

What are the health benefits of coffee?

The health benefits of coffee include:

Here we’ve explored the 10 health benefits of coffee further.

Is it bad to have coffee every day?

When it comes to drinking coffee every day, the long-term effects really differ from person to person. Some people are hyper-sensitive to the effects, unable to reap the health benefits of caffeine. Others may have an intolerance to coffee, finding themselves subjected to discomfort and pain should they drink coffee every day.

For most though, a daily habit is absolutely fine as long as you stay within the 400 mg recommended daily amount of caffeine. 400 mg equates to roughly four cups of coffee but can vary wildly in depending on the grind, how it has been roasted and brewed. Regularly drinking more than 400 mg can result in problems with your digestion, chronic headaches and restlessness.

It’s worth noting that not all coffee is made equal. It’s not good for you to be consuming Frappuccinos, for example, with hundreds of calories, lots of sugar and full-fat milk everyday. Can’t kick the habit but want a healthy alternative? Say goodbye to milk and see the benefits of black coffee.

Is it bad to have coffee every day?

Enjoying the right amount of coffee daily (not over exceeding 400 mg of caffeine) can be a great way of feeling the health benefits of coffee and caffeine – keeping yourself alert and energised, while also packing in the vitamins.

10 best foods to enjoy with coffee in the morning


How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours extra nutritious. Poached, scrambled, boiled or fried, we’re satisfied with just how versatile this low-calorie food can be. Eggs are known for steadying blood sugar, helping keep hunger at bay and being high in protein. Enjoy them in the morning with a side of spinach for extra nutritional value.

Greek Yoghurt

Start your day the right way with a creamy dose of probiotics and protein. Greek yoghurt is even more densely nutritious with fruit, berries, chia seeds, or nuts added. Just make sure to pick a yoghurt variety that contains live cultures for the gut health benefits.


Porridge, made from rolled, quick or instant oats, contains beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that can lower cholesterol. Like many of these healthy breakfast foods, it’s packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

Chia Seeds

According to legend, the Aztecs and Mayans were big fans of chia seeds for energy. Studies show this powerful ancient food is packed to the brim with antioxidants, and is a fantastic source of fibre that’s water soluble, meaning it’ll fill you up without causing digestive upset. Sprinkle on top of porridge, add to your smoothie, or mix with whey protein powder, plant milk and berries to create a tasty chia seed pudding.


Sweet tooth? Try adding berries to your breakfast. Whether you’re in the mood for blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries, berries work wonders for your taste buds and for your body – they’re full of antioxidants, high in fibre, and can help treat inflammation.


Research shows that nuts can help improve your circulation and aid the absorption of nutrients from other foods. Having a smoothie alongside your almond and raisin homemade granola? The almonds will help you get the most out of the fruits and veggies. You’d be nuts not to incorporate these into your breakfast routine.


Adding fruit to your breakfast is not only filling, but helps you get more fibre and potassium into your diet. Looking for more Vitamin C? Try eating a large orange in the morning – it gives you 100% of what you need in a day!


Wanting to up your fibre intake? Try ground flaxseeds for a simple, fibrous addition to your yoghurt, smoothie, or porridge. Flaxseeds are known to also help aid digestion, reduce blood sugar levels and contain protein.

Homemade Granola

Supermarket-bought granola can often come loaded with sugar, so why not make your own? Team oats with nuts, seeds, dried fruit and more for a nutritious breakfast that’ll set you up for the day.


Great on toasted freshly made bread or in a smoothie, avocado is full of fibre and healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer.

Got your breakfast sorted? Don’t forget the health benefits of coffee, primarily the benefits of black coffee.


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