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Time To Take A Broad Look At Your Health In 2021…

Time To Take A Broad Look At Your Health In 2021…

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Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!
What does this mean for you? 

When it comes to healthy, how healthy do you feel you are? Whether you’ve made some New Year resolutions or not, how about resolving to find out more about the true state of your health? 

Whether you feel fine or under par, have you wondered what is actually going on inside of you? How can you best take a broad look at your health? 

How are your energy levels, your mood and your concentration span? All can be impacted by vitamin and iron deficiencies. Vitamin D (the “sunlight” vitamin) is important at this time of year and particularly in these COVID times; more than 80% of hospitalised COVID patients have low vitamin D levels. 

Keeping your immune system in tip-top condition is key; as well as checking you vitamin levels are at their best, try and reduce the “immune load” on your body by identifying your trigger / problem foods and removing those food intolerances* from your diet. 

Feeling fine? Well some of our essential health markers can be way out of kilter without us even knowing about it. High cholesterol levels and a creaking liver are key examples. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 people in the UK have high cholesterol levels and most are totally unaware about it, the condition can be inherited and can impact at any age.

The liver can cope with a lot of battering, particularly relevant over the festive season, and apart from a hangover you may not think much about your long term liver health. However, your liver can, though, be under significant strain without you knowing anything about it. How would you know? Well the good news is that we can help you take a broad look at your health and find out.  

It’s very easy to find out your own personal levels of vitamins, iron, cholesterol and liver markers in your blood with our accurate and reliable finger-prick blood Essential Health Check click here. This hospital-standard  test measure 19 different markers and the results are very straightforward to understand. You can soon find out whether you can rest assured, need a tweak to your lifestyle or be recommended to see your GP. 

Start 2021 by taking a positive step and let us help you make the ‘invisible visible’.


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