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Aphrodisiac Foods – Fact and Fiction

Aphrodisiac Foods – Fact and Fiction

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It is often said that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and this is never truer than during Valentine’s Day. From the ubiquitous box of chocolates to an exotic plate of oysters, there are many foods which are touted as having aphrodisiac qualities.

But is there any truth behind the claims that certain foods make us feel more amorous and, if so, which foods should we be stocking up on to ensure a long lasting love affair in the kitchen?


Frequently showcased as a sensual starter in romantic movies, Oysters often get top billing as a romantic food and, beyond their tactile qualities, there may be some truth behind the flirty fiction. Oysters contain zinc and amino acids, both shown to be involved in the production of sex hormones


Unavoidable during the most romantic day of the year, chocolate is frequently considered one of the most romantic foods and not without good reason. Containing serotonin boosting chemicals anandamide and phenylethylamine, the sweet treat is certainly known for increasing our happy hormones. However, the jury is out regarding just how much chocolate you actually need to eat to feel the benefit. So, whilst one or two truffles might get you in the mood, rolling around with tummy cramps after eating the whole box is not recommended!


Red hot and exotic are words most of us would like to associate with our love lives so it’s no surprise this little passion powerhouse has a romantic reputation but is there some science to support the suspicion? Chilies stimulate natural endorphins in the body and also help to get your heart beating faster, subconsciously mimicking the first flutters of flirtation.


Passion red and heart shaped, our beloved berry is a staple ingredient for a romantic dessert. The origins for this are rooted in historic folklore but it seems there may be some truth in the tale. Strawberries contain more Vitamin C than any other berry, a powerful antioxidant contributing to heart health and improving hormonal balance.


Whilst the jury might be out on the hotly debated list of passion promoting foods, there are a number of ingredients you might want to avoid to ensure you don’t lose that loving feeling.

Beans – although a wonderful source of fibre and antioxidants, the gas inducing properties of beans means you might want to consider avoiding them before a big date!

Fried Foods –It’s been noted that the trans-fat found in fried foods can dramatically decrease the male and female libido so it might be worth skipping McDonald’s on date night

Sugar – Ok, the aforementioned chocolate may be a little naughty but it is important to remember that sugar should be enjoyed in moderation. With so much of the white stuff hidden and added to our foods, it’s easy to go over the recommended daily allowance and this is not good news for testosterone levels.


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