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Wimbledon classic – Strawberries and Cream – Intolerance Alternatives and Nutritional Facts

Wimbledon classic – Strawberries and Cream – Intolerance Alternatives and Nutritional Facts

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Wimbledon is upon us once again and that makes us think of one of our favourite treats, strawberries and cream! The most popular berry fruit in the world is just as much part of Wimbledon as the Tennis itself. In fact organisers of the tournament expect to sell 28,000 kilos of English strawberries this year, that’s 112,000 punnets!

Strawberries first started to be served at Wimbledon as a fashion trend in Victorian England. The 1970’s brought the introduction of cream – creating the much loved combination. Wimbledon are expecting to use 7,000 litres of dairy cream this year to be served alongside our nations’ favourite fruit.

But what if you have a dairy intolerance? Can you still enjoy the quintessentially British summer treat? The Free From market is booming with dairy free alternatives; you could try Soya cream, Oatly pouring cream, Coconut cream or Almond cream. Alternatively there are whipped creams on the market including Soya, Coconut and Rice milk whip, all of which complement the strawberries in their own right. These alternative options are a healthier choice too. We compared the calorie intake for each option for a 100ml serving:

Strawberries - Graph

Whether you choose soya, coconut or Oatly, the strawberries are the real star of the show, but just how good for us are our beloved berries? British strawberries are in season from late May to late July and need fairly specific conditions to grow. Perhaps this limited availability is what makes them so popular. From a nutrition point of view strawberries are full of goodness. A 100g serving is only 32 calories so those who like to indulge in this delicious berry can have a large portion without the guilt, just go easy on the cream!

Many years ago strawberries were used to treat digestive issues, fever, kidney stones, skin irritations and was even believed to help whiten teeth. These days we know they are a rich source of Vitamin C, as well as containing manganese, folate and potassium. This makes them a great option on breakfast cereal to start the day with a kick. The tiny little seeds on the exterior are full of good fats or omegas. The red colour is full of antioxidants which can benefit a raft of health issues. A word of caution though, strawberries are highly sprayed with fungicides and pesticides so aim for organic if possible. The leaves also shouldn’t be wasted, they can be made into a tea which is a traditional recipe to soothe acid indigestion.

So don’t feel guilty when you reach for the strawberries this Wimbledon season, they are packed full of goodness! However it may be worth a thought to skip the cream if you indulge in this treat regularly.


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