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Digestive Problem Success Stories

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Digestive issues such as bloating, stomach pain, diarrhoea, constipation and wind are common symptoms of food intolerance and affect up to 40%^ of people in the UK at any one time.

While disruptive and somewhat unpleasant, they are often harmless. However chronic digestive difficulties can be a sign of something more serious. If your doctor has ruled out an underlying condition and you still haven’t discovered the root cause of your issues, food intolerance could be to blame.

47-year- old Tracey Janes from Somerset suffered from bloating, fatigue and weight gain which affected her daily life so much that she began to dread mealtimes.

Day to day I was in constant misery as I didn’t know what it was and I tried to cut things out and eat healthily but still saw no change.

Like many people, Tracey visited her doctor, who was unable to find the reason for her symptoms.

After telling the doctor about my symptoms, I came out thinking I may be really ill. I was sent for an endoscopy and an abdomen scan. By this time I was worried sick, however they found nothing apart from redness and irritation.

Tracey’s food intolerance test results showed a reaction to yeast, which she removed from her diet with the help of a yorktest Nutritional Therapist.

After noticing improvements almost immediately after eliminating her trigger foods, Tracey is determined to stick to her new diet.

The new me will never go back to eating the things that made me miserable.

Some people suffer a combination of digestive symptoms at once, which can intensify the negative effects they are feeling, and make it even more difficult to pinpoint the cause. Alice Cairns-Wallace, who works as a Psychologist, was plagued by indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and nausea and vomiting for several years.

I was desperate to find a solution to my digestive problems.

Her doctor prescribed proton-pump inhibitors which helped managed the indigestion, but had little effect on the rest of her symptoms. Following a bout of gastroenteritis and a kidney infection, Alice decided to take matters into her own hands, and did some research online, where she came across yorktest.

Alice’s results revealed reactions to various ingredients, including eggs and Brazil nuts. After receiving her results and with advice from the Nutritional Therapist, she set out to take a fresh look at her diet and remove her trigger foods.

The consultation went very well and they were able to advise me on alternative foods.

Alice saw improvements in her symptoms immediately, and lost 14lbs in weight to boot. She is now confident about leaving the house and her life has changed immeasurably.

Thank goodness for yorktest.

For many people, digestive disorders are just part of the problem. Often additional issues such as skin conditions, fatigue, other concerns are associated with their food intolerance, which makes it even trickier to detect. Sandra Freeman’s digestive issues were further compounded by itchy skin and sinus infections, leaving her feeling completely drained.

I was constantly tired and had lost my passion for life. Work and social life were affected – I was always choosing the path of least resistance, which meant exercise and other things fell by the wayside. I just never felt 100%

56-year- old Sandra was tested for coeliac disease by her doctor, but the result was negative. She was then referred to a dietician who recommended an elimination diet.

Eliminating foods was a minefield – there was no way of knowing where to start. A colleague who had used yorktest told me I was never going to find the culprit foods by random elimination.

The yorktest provided a ‘fast-track’ means to Sandra’s elimination diet, eliminating the guesswork and revealing some surprising results, including coconut.

Some of these ingredients I would never have found using random elimination. Indeed, I had been using coconut milk as a substitute for dairy for a long time, thinking it might alleviate the symptoms!

Sandra began to feel the benefit of her new diet within a matter of days.

At last I feel in control. I feel like I have barely started on the improvements in my life. Since eliminating trigger foods I have a much better quality of life. I take regular exercise now, I have started a new job, and my husband says I have stopped snoring!

Ingredients which are healthy for one person may cause adverse reactions in another, and that’s why it’s important to understand your own personal ‘food fingerprint’. Your health and wellbeing are important, and optimal nutrition is key. For more information on common symptoms of food intolerance click here, or for advice on which test is right for you, call our friendly Customer Care Team on 0800 074 6185.

yorktest have many testimonials from customers who have suffered from digestive issues, read more here.

yorktest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in these testimonials.



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