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Delicious Wheat Free Lunch Ideas

Delicious Wheat Free Lunch Ideas

4 minute read time

Recently discovered a wheat intolerance and stumped for tasty, quick and inexpensive lunch ideas that don’t involve loads of ingredients? Look no further. Many of us grab a sandwich, whip up a pasta salad or take a cheeky trip to the chippie when our stomachs start rumbling at lunchtime – but if you suffer with wheat intolerance the traditional go-to options are off limits.

In fact wheat can be found in all of the following:

Greek Halloumi/Feta Salad

Salads can be boring and often lack flavour, try this delicious Greek salad which is bursting with freshness and flavour.



1.Cook the quinoa in the vegetable stock following the packet instructions, drain and leave to cool.
2.In a bowl mix the halved tomatoes, cucumber, olives, parsley and mint, add the quinoa once cooled.
3.Slice the halloumi and grill for 3 minutes on each side until brown and crispy.
4.Whisk together the oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and drizzle over the salad. Serve the salad with Halloumi or chopped feta (two portions).

Chicken Lettuce Parcels

These parcels are incredibly satisfying. The chicken will give you the protein kick that you need at lunchtime and the sauce is deliciously sweet and tasty without being packed full of sugar. The lettuce acts as a parcel but gives the meal a fresh crunch. Ideal to make in batches and portioned up for lunches.


Teriyaki sauce


To make the sauce

1.Mix together the tamari sauce, honey, garlic, ginger and 1 cup of water; heat in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Make sure you stir continuously.
2.Add the cornstarch to ¼ cup of water and then add to the sauce. This will thicken the sauce, stir until you have the desired thickness. Add more water if it becomes too thick.

Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup

carrot resized

It’s amazing how wheat can sneak into unexpected products. Shop bought soup is the perfect example of this – wheat flour is often used as a thickening agent so whilst it may only be used in small doses if you’re particularly wheat sensitive opt for a homemade version. This can be made in large batches and frozen in portions, this means you don’t have to have the same lunch all week!



Pre-heat your oven to a medium/high temperature and add in your Butternut squash. If you’re like us, butternut squash, whilst delicious, is a nightmare to peel! Roast it until soft in the centre (around 40 minutes) and scoop out the centre, discarding the skin and set to one side.

Whilst the squash is cooking, in a large pan, fry the onions in oil until translucent and soft. Add carrots and stir, cooking for a further 5 minutes. Add thyme and season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pour over stock and bring to boil. Allow to simmer gently for 30 minutes, or until vegetables are cooked through. When the squash has cooked add this to the mixture too.

Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Use a hand blender, adding a little stock until you have it at the consistency you like.

Refrigerate/freeze the soup in lunch-size portions ready to eat/take to work. Job done.

Tuna Patties

These patties are super easy and a yummy wheat free lunch option. Again these can be made in batches, refrigerated and heated as needed. Serve with a fresh rocket salad.



1.Stir all of the ingredients together in a bowl.
2.Form the tuna patties with your hands into the desired shape/amount.
3.Cook on each side in a pan until golden on each side and cooked all the way through.

Rice Wraps

If you miss wheat based products, a great gluten free rice wrap recipe is the perfect sandwich substitute but with a fresher, lighter taste. You can add pretty much anything you want; ham, chicken, prawns, tuna, the choice is endless for a tasty lunch without getting repetitive. One of our favourites is this veggie version. Why not add a bit of sweet chilli sauce to dip your roll in too – delicious.


We hope you like these tasty recipes – what other recipes would you recommend?

Do you think wheat is a trigger food but you want confirmation? Perhaps you avoid wheat but still think something is causing you problems? Why not try the Food&DrinkScan test to investigate your reactions to 158 food and drink ingredients.


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