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Dairy-Free Easter Egg Taste Test 2024: Which Milk-Free Easter Egg Should You Buy This Year?

Dairy-Free Easter Egg Taste Test 2024: Which Milk-Free Easter Egg Should You Buy This Year?

3 minute read time

With Easter around the corner, there’s no doubt that everyone is stocking up on chocolate eggs, but what do you do if you’re vegan or dairy-free?

Luckily free-from items are no longer confined to the top of the supermarket shelves in a dusty corner somewhere. Thanks to the rise of veganism, dairy-free eaters through choice or through health reasons can indulge in a wide range of vegan Easter eggs this year.

We’ve carried out a supermarket sweep at some of the largest food stores, such as Tesco, Asda, Aldi, and Sainsbury’s to see which egg is crowned YorkTest’s best dairy-free Easter egg 2024.

M&S Choccy Rocky Road Egg £6

Made with vegan marshmallows, honeycomb, raisins and rice biscuit balls, and a rabbit shaped cocoa bar.

There was a divided opinion for this option, some people liked it whereas others thought it was flavourless and artificial.



Nomo No Missing Out Cookie Dough £6.50

Dairy free, gluten free, nut free, egg free, and no palm oil

This was quite popular with the taste testers, some commented on the nice texture, and others thought it had a nice aftertaste.


Aldi Dairyfine Free From Eggstreme Choco Egg £2.99

Milk free, soya free, gluten free, made with vegan marshmallows

This was not popular with our testers. Some thought it was tasteless, and synthetic tasting. Others thought it was too sweet.


Moo Free Strawberry Sundae Easter Egg £4.50

Dairy free, gluten free, soya free, no palm oil

Ethically sourced and made in the UK

This was not popular with the testers, a lot of people thought it was too sickly and weren’t keen on the strawberry flavour. 


Aldi Free From Double Choc Brownie Egg and Truffles £5.99

Milk free, gluten free, egg free. Marbled double choc brownie flavour egg with Anglesey sea salt and caramel flavour choc truffles.

This was the least popular option amongst the taste testers, although we were impressed with the packaging and thought it looked like a high quality product.

The majority of people thought it was tasteless and synthetic.


Sainsburys Taste the Difference Free From Extra Thick Rocky Road Egg £8 

Gluten free and milk free hollow choc Easter egg, made with coca butter, coca liquor, rice flour, rice biscuit balls and marshmallows

There was a divided opinion for this dairy free egg. Some people liked the crunch of the biscuits and the marshmallows. Others weren’t keen on the taste and thought the chocolate was too chunky .


It’s a great year to be dairy-free- Happy Easter everyone!

Are you new to choosing dairy-free alternatives? We understand that it can be a challenge to start and stick to new eating habits, especially if celebrations like Easter tempt you back into the foods you want to avoid. Check out our guide to a dairy-free Easter.

Do you find yourself symptomatic after consuming cow’s milk, soybean or perhaps cocoa bean? You may have a food intolerance†. There is an easy way to confirm whether certain ingredients in your diet aren’t working for you. yorktest’s Food&DrinkScan programme analyses your IgG reactions to 208 food and drink ingredients to pinpoint the foods you need to avoid, including cow’s milk, soybean and cocoa bean.

† YorkTest define food intolerance as a food-specific IgG reaction


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