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5 Celebrities Who Have Psoriasis

5 Celebrities Who Have Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is estimated to affect 125 million people worldwide – and celebrities are no exception.

Unfortunately, little is known as to how psoriasis is triggered and there is currently no cure for the disease which causes itchy lesions on the skin. With psoriasis, the immune system works in overdrive by making new skin cells in days rather than weeks.

Many celebrities over the past few years have publicly announced that they suffer from this debilitating skin condition. So, if you currently suffer from psoriasis, you are not alone. These celebrities have it too.

1) Kim Kardashian

One of the world’s most famous reality TV stars, Kim Kardashian, revealed she had psoriasis in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2011.

It is thought that psoriasis most often occurs between the ages of 15 and 35. Kim was 30 at the time when she revealed her shock skin diagnosis – the same age as her mother, Kris Jenner, who was also diagnosed with the condition at age 30.

The MTV star controls her flare-ups with medication, as well as maintaining a low acidic diet, avoiding foods such as tomatoes and eggplants.

In July 2019, Kim announced that her newest KKW beauty launch was inspired by her psoriasis and shared a before and after of using her product during one of her flare-ups. Although this was essentially promoting her new product launch, it is fantastic to see a powerful celebrity give rise to this condition.

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2) Phil Mickelson

US golf professional Phil Mickelson suffers from psoriasis – but also psoriatic arthritis.

According to the World Health Organisation: “Psoriasis has an unpredictable course of symptoms, a number of external triggers, including arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and depression”.

Psoriatic arthritis affects up to 34% of those with psoriasis which typically causes stiff joints and chronic pain.

The golfer now manages his psoriasis through a prescriptive medication called Enbrel.

3) Cyndi Lauper

Global superstar Cyndi Lauper has actively campaigned about psoriasis for several years, and even featured in a TV advert with other psoriasis sufferers to reveal the physical, social and emotional effects of the condition.

The pop icon has encouraged others to speak about their own psoriasis story and often works with the National Psoriasis Association.

Cyndi avoids alcohol and foods that could aggravate her condition – such as strawberries. She also takes medication which targets the immune system and uses medicated creams and bath salts.

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A post shared by Cyndi Lauper (@cyndilauper) on

4) Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevingne walked up to 53 runways in the height of her modelling career. Her intensive schedule did not come without consequences and, as a result, caused her to develop stress-induced psoriasis.

The autoimmune condition can be provoked by external and internal triggers – including but not limited to stress, infections, systemic drugs, trauma and even sunburn.

Understandably, Cara has now stepped down from the catwalk and has turned towards film instead.

5) LeAnn Rimes

American singer LeAnn Rimes has struggled with the itchy skin condition since the age of 2. At one point, her lesions covered 80% of her body.

Speaking to Health.com, she says: “Once I found a great dermatologist, I felt like the disease wasn’t controlling me anymore; I was controlling it. I started really taking care of myself, eating healthily, and working out.

“I found great medication and a great doctor and began really living a healthy lifestyle. And once I saw the change in my life and my skin, I felt I had a responsibility to spread the word that there is help”.

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