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The Top 50 Football Clubs With The Most Popular Matchday Foods

The Top 50 Football Clubs With The Most Popular Matchday Foods

4 minute read time

As most of us begin to get our fantasy teams in check, the 2022/23 football season is just a few days away from kickoff.

Wind, rain, or shine, football fans can’t wait to get through the turnstiles and support their team with some tasty match-day food to keep them going along the way.

For us football fans, we’ve all had some great match-day food and some, not-so-good.

But the question is, which football club has the most popular food? Thankfully, we had some help deciding that. 

Popular social media account Footyscran invites football fans to send in a picture of the food they get at a football game, which club they got it at, and at what cost. From a simple burger and chips at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium to a Red Leicester sausage roll at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, food offerings across the country can vary at different stadiums.

We decided to figure out which English football club has the most popular ‘scran’ ahead of the new English Football League season kicking off on July 29th.

To do this, we listed all 92 clubs within the Premier League and English Football League, and cross referenced this with Footyscran’s Instagram and Twitter feeds to determine the engagement figures for each post mentioning each club.

To get the data we compiled every, like, comment and retweet from both platforms to create an index of the clubs with the most popular matchday food options.

Topping the list of the most popular matchday scran is Birmingham City with an index score of 167 out of 200. Football league newcomers Grimsby Town ranked second on the list with a score of 126 while fellow League Two clubs Stockport County and AFC Wimbledon also made it into the top 10 with scores of 95 and 91 respectively.

Top 50 clubs with the most popular ‘scran’

RankClubTwitter: Total likes,
comments and
Instagram: Total
likes and
Total Index
1Birmingham City85,3683,540167
2Grimsby Town22,1905,202126
3Rotherham United12,9464,627104
4Aston Villa85,9800100
5Stockport County31,1053,05595
6AFC Wimbledon66,26271491
7Manchester United73,792086
8Leeds United47,6131,52385
9Hull City52,19195679
11Tottenham Hospur65,718076
13Cheltenham Town19,5682,48971
14Manchester City19,568065
15West Ham United39,92487663
16Wolverhampton Wanderers21,7561,63657
17Leicester City33,92457450
22Port Vale01,68632
23Cambridge United8,8191,06531
25Wycombe Wanderers23,854028
26Newcastle United14,15052727
27Leyton Orient6,87593526
29Hartlepool United8,83362022
31Accrington Stanley01,08221
32Ipswich Town16,635019
33Bristol City16,226019
35Bradford City5,13965419
36Huddersfield Town2,43580518
37Salford City14,971017
38Swindon Town14,578017
40Norwich City14,090016
41Newport County AFC080515
43Bristol Rovers11,101013
44Lincoln City4,25836812
45Burton Albion10,274012
46Crewe Alexandra059111
47Charlton Athletic9,624011
48Doncaster Rovers052510
50Luton Town8,05709

Representing the Premier League in the top 10 are Aston Villa, Leeds United and Manchester United while the likes of Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester and Manchester City made it to the top 20.

Although they missed out on last season’s championship playoffs, Luton Town has crept into the index at number 50 with an index score of 9 while fellow championship clubs Reading, Norwich and Huddersfield Town also make the cut.

Sal Hanvey, expert nutritionist at YorkTest said:

“The days of football stadiums only offering the same food across the country is over. Many clubs are branching out their menus, with Birmingham City offering the likes of chicken gyros, lamb flatbreads and even poutine.

“Whether you choose the traditional pie and chips or go for something a little spicier in salt and chilli chicken, away fans will certainly have a wide variety of choices this season.

“As the football season returns, there will be plenty of hungry fans looking for a nutritious, but also delicious snack or meal. This is evidenced by @FootyScran having over 432,000 followers! We look forward to seeing how stadiums get more creative with food on offer over the next season.”


YorkTest collected data from @FootyScran Twitter and Instagram posts to establish which football club in the top four tiers of English football, has the most popular matchday ‘scran’.

YorkTest looked at the number of Instagram comments and likes, as well as comments, retweets and likes on each tweet or post mentioning any of the 92 clubs to see which has had more engagement. The top 50 clubs were then ranked in an index.

Data is correct as of July 2022.

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