Simple Vegan Curry Recipe

If you are looking to pack your diet with plenty of vibrant vegetables and plant-based ingredients, then here’s a simple vegan curry recipe that ditches the meat! 

Vegetables are loaded with flavours and goodness so make use of them. This delicious 30-minute curry is vegan and gluten free.

vegan curry recipe


  • Heat approx. 400ml of vegetable stock in a pan and then sauté a diced medium onion until translucent. Season with a pinch of salt. Finely chop or mince 2 garlic cloves and add to the pan.
  • Add 4 oz of Thai red curry paste, 2 tbsp tomato puree, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp ground coriander, 1 tsp ginger and 1 tsp of garam masala. Stir together in the pan and cook for 2 minutes.
  • Slice 225 grams of mushrooms and mix well in the pan to coat. Cook for around 6 minutes before adding 280 grams of sugar snap peas and a can of chickpeas. Bring the pan to a simmer and then reduce to a medium heat and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Stir in a can of coconut milk and serve once heated up. You can always add a garnish of fresh lime or spring onions. Serve with rice.

Can vegans eat curry?

Curry is completely suitable for a vegan if it does not contain meat, fish, honey or any dairy-based products.

Why go vegan?

A well-planned vegan diet can contain all the nutrients your body needs. Going vegan is a great opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking and improve your diet. Getting your nutrients from plant foods allows more room in your diet for health-promoting options like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables, which are packed full of beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals. As with any diet, balance is key! 

Plus, it’s good for the environment too as by avoiding animal products as you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint!

What other curries are vegan?

There are many different variations of vegan curry. Vary up your vegetables and rather than chickpeas use lentils or tofu. Potatoes are particularly great in bulking up and adding texture to curries.

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