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A Food Label Guide for Food Intolerance Sufferers

A Food Label Guide for Food Intolerance Sufferers

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Do you still find yourself suffering from symptoms of food intolerance despite having identified your intolerances and cutting out the offending food? This could be a result of you consuming the food you are intolerant to without realising. Complicated and confusing labels on food packaging can easily disguise problem foods.
At yorktest we’ve put together a guide to making sense of food labels to ensure you know what you are eating.


Gluten is present in a vast amount of foods, particularly flour and foods which contain dough, some common examples of where gluten is found are as follows:
– Wheat
– Rye
– Spelt
– Kamut
– Barley

Unfortunately it isn’t always obvious that a foodstuff will contain gluten. Here are some alternative and unusual names for gluten products which you should check food labels for:
– Durum Wheat
– Wheat Flour
– Wheat Starch
– Starch
– Modified Starch
– Hydrolised starch
– Vegetable Starch
– Vegetable Gum
– Vegetable Protein
– Cereal filler
– Cereal binder
– Cereal protein


Egg products are found in a surprisingly wide variety of foods from sauces and spreads, mayonnaise, cakes, ice cream, quiches, pancakes and even some meat products. Usually egg-containing products are clearly labelled, but here are some other names for eggs to watch out for when you check the label:

– Albumin
– Egg-White
– Globulin
– Lecithin E322
– Livetin
– Lysozyme E1105
– Ovoglobulin
– Ovomucoid
– Ovovitellin
– Yolk


As you would imagine, milk is mostly found in dairy products. Although it should be simple to identify milk-based products in your food, there are still some extra ingredients to look out for; the most common of these are as follows:

– Casein
– Caseinate
– Lactalbumin
– Lactoglobulin
– Lactose


This is another common food intolerance and is found in a wide variety of food stuffs such as baked products and alcoholic drinks. It can also be found in unexpected places such as in dairy products like sour cream and cream cheese and even in canned fruit juices. Here are its alternative names that anyone with yeast intolerance should look out for:

– Hydrolysed Protein
– Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein
– Leavening


Alcoholic drinks are also something which you should always read the label of, not only do most contain yeast, but most beers also contain gluten and barley (a gluten-containing substance).  These are both common food intolerances. If you have a histamine intolerance, red wine is a drink you should try and avoid. Furthermore, many wines and beers also contain sulphites which are used to prevent build-up of harmful bacteria in the wine and beer, but can also be a cause of intolerance.
To find out more about food intolerance and how we can help you identify and eliminate intolerances why not speak to one of our friendly advisors on 0800 074 6185 / +44 (0) 1904 410 410 or contact us here.


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