bloating and ovarian cancer

Supporting the call for women to go to see their GP if they are experiencing bloating

New research has found that women in the UK are more likely to consider changing their diet than visiting their GP when confronted with bloating, which is a major symptom of ovarian cancer. A survey by Target Ovarian Cancer has shown that, when faced with the prospect of persistent bloating, women are more likely to …

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National Cholesterol Month

Many moons ago most people had never heard of it, let alone worried about it but today most of us know that elevated cholesterol levels are unhealthy. In fact, having raised cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart and circulatory diseases so, it is something that is worth getting checked! Understanding the importance of …

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Alzheimer’s – are you at risk?

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month September marks World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a campaign that aims to challenge the stigmatisation that is associated with dementia. Dementia is a word that is used to describe the symptoms that affect a person’s ability to think, their memory and their behaviour. It can be caused when the brain is damaged by …

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Overcoming a 25-year battle against migraines

Ever wondered if your diet could be contributing to your headaches or migraines? Andrea Henson, has overcome her 25-year battle with debilitating migraines and improved her family’s health after convincing her husband and children to take a food intolerance test. After undertaking a Food&DrinkScan Programme, 46-year-old Andrea discovered she has intolerances to cow’s milk and …

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Dealing with Stress

  As the theme of Men’s Health Week 2016 is stress, we look at lifestyle changes that can help to minimise the effects of stress and help to improve your mood. We all get stressed.  It’s a fact of modern life.  Whether it’s due to pressure at work or school, financial issues, or something that …

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What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Embarrassing though it may be, our toilet habits are hugely important. Frequency, consistency and colour all serve as signals, revealing tell-tale clues about our health. As a nation, we’re not particularly open about opening our bowels, but we should try and at least open our minds to the messages our gut is sending us every …

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