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Nutritional support

You’ve got your ingredient-specific results in your hand or on the computer – now what do you do? If you’re presented with a list of 4-5 ingredients, some of which could feature your most loved foods, how are you going to find nutritional alternatives to cut them out? An elimination diet can be overwhelming if there’s no aftercare offered.

Some food intolerance tests, such as those found on discount websites like Groupon, can be a one-click purchase. These are hair tests which have no basis at all in science. After they send you your ‘results’, your support and guidance end there or you may receive generic nutritional advice. An elimination diet can be a great time to listen to your body when you have all the advice and support on how to take your next steps.

A food intolerance test can be a pretty big purchase and, when it comes to your health, it’s important you have the support and guidance in place should you need it. The way we see it, it’s simply unethical to give you test information that leads to an elimination diet without this support to back it up.

Try to look and see what aftercare they provide. This should give you an insight into the customer journey that they offer, or whether they stop offering support after you’ve clicked ‘buy’.

Which food intolerance companies offer tailored nutritional support?

At yorktest, we offer two 30-minute calls with a qualified nutritional therapist, included in our premium programmes. Our standard programmes include one 30-minute call.

We fully oppose restrictive dieting and don’t leave you stranded when you need us most. To reflect this, our nutritional consultations help our customers find alternatives by taking the time to look at your diet, acknowledging that there isn’t a ‘one fits all’ approach. It can be an exciting time to explore new foods, flavours and textures.

Our nutritional therapists are our aftercare family. You can take a look through all the bios of our nutritional therapists, along with their accreditations here.