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Think you may have a food intolerance or allergy?

Many people can go their entire life suffering from symptoms related to IBS, bloating, fatigue/tiredness, headaches, muscle/joint pain and more without ever considering a food intolerance or allergy.

Knowing whether you have a food intolerance or an allergy is easier than you think – the clearest way to tell is through your body’s reaction time. If you’re allergic then there will likely be a rapid response by the body’s immune system to a particular food. The onset of intolerance symptoms, however, can be a slower process.

Our simple finger prick blood tests can measure IgG (Food Intolerance) and IgE (Allergy) reactions quickly and easily, helping you understand what could be contributing to your symptoms and plan for the year ahead.


Why YorkTest?

With over 38 years’ scientific expertise, yorktest is a leading health and wellness company. Our range of home-to-laboratory tests have provided thousands of customers with the information they need for effective health and wellness support.

Our range of food intolerance tests, allergy tests and health tests are designed to empower you to better understand, take control of, and optimise your health and wellbeing.

Premium Food Intolerance Test


New customers get 25% off with code NEW25 at checkout. ENDS MONDAY 19TH APRIL
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Easy to use home-to-laboratory test kit

Take our most comprehensive food and drink intolerance* test to find out whether you have a sensitivity to over 200 food and drink ingredients. Simply take a finger-prick blood sample and return by post for testing. Receive your results within 5 days of receipt of your sample! No social interaction required.

Optimise your lifestyle with our support, knowing which foods you’re reacting to.

  • Discuss your results with a nutritional therapist. One 30-minute consultation included
  • Measures all four subtypes of food-specific IgG
  • Simple finger-prick blood test
  • Receive expert, accurate analysis from our fully-accredited laboratory technicians
  • Results listed in easy-to-read traffic light values: high, borderline, and normal reactivity
  • Track your progress with a food and drinks diary
  • Customers must be aged 18 years or over to take this test. This test is not available to customers who are pregnant or breastfeeding

How it Works

4 Simple Steps to a Healthier You


Receive your test.

Order online and we’ll post your kit directly to your home.


Take the easy fingerprick blood test.

Pop 2-3 drops of blood into the lancet and post your sample to our laboratory.


Receive your results online within 5 days.

Review your reactivity levels and book your appointment with one of our qualified nutritional therapists.


Ongoing support.

Receive free nutritional therapist advice, with ongoing support from our customer care team by your side.

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