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Who we work with

Health Practitioners

premium food intolerance test & skin review

If you are a nutritional therapist, colon hydrotherapist, dermatologist, chiropractor or a professional working in the complementary and alternative medicine industry and are interested in providing simply home to laboratory food intolerance, food allergy and health tests to your patients, we offer the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your options of preventative care.

Who we work with

Fitness Practitioners

personal trainer

Many of our fitness professionals introduce food intolerance and food allergy testing at the beginning of any fitness or weight loss regime in order to ensure that their client’s diet is optimised to achieve their personal goals. We work closely with our fitness professionals who recognise the damaging effects that food intolerances/allergies have on performance. If you are a fitness professional working within sports teams, gyms or even run your own personal training business we can enhance your clients success with our simple home to laboratory tests.

Who we work with

International Distributors

premium food intolerance test & skin review

We have a Global reach and work successfully with laboratories and healthcare distributors across the world. We have partners in Hong Kong, UAE, Europe and many more. Our gold standard of testing is recognised globally as a market leader, so if you are a laboratory looking to introduce IgG food intolerance testing or a healthcare company looking to enhance its health tests contact us today to explore a partnership with yorktest

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