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Choosing YorkTest As Your Laboratory Partner

As your laboratory partner for food intolerance, allergy and home health tests, YorkTest will help support your patients and clients on their wellbeing journey. Choose YorkTest as your laboratory partner and receive one of our tests for free to get the full experience.

Range of YorkTest testing kits
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The Benefits of Partnering with Us

Partnering with YorkTest is easy.  Our aim is to support practitioners with accredited laboratory testing, expert advice, rich content and educational material that can add value to your business.  A reminder of why we are different:

  •         Experts in food intolerance*, allergy & health testing
  •         40 years’ experience + our own laboratory
  •         Highest quality testing + most accurate results
  •         Unique ‘absorbent wand’ blood collection for food intolerance
  •         Direct-To-Patient service offered on all tests
  •         White-labelling of tests available
  •         Discounted prices for Practitioners
  •         Excellent customer service

YorkTest offer an extensive range of Home Health Tests for your patients, including Diabetes, Thyroid, Menopause, Stress, Inflammation, Liver Function, Cholesterol, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and many more important health tests.

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Trusted partner, accredited laboratory testing
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Finger prick, no full blood draw required
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Can be shipped direct to your patient
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3 tests kits are featured including the Premium Food Intolerance Test, the Food & Environmental Allergy Test and the Essential Health Check

Become a Partner Today and Get a Free Test

  • As a practitioner or healthcare provider, you will receive a complimentary free test of your choice when you register with us on our new Wellness Hub.
  • Support your patients through optimising their nutrition, health and wellbeing by helping to determine the possible underlying causes of their problem symptoms or medical conditions. 
  • Our dedicated customer service team are on hand to help you make the most out of our suite of food intolerance and allergy tests to further support your guidance and patient care.
Get in Touch

†Practitioners must be fully qualified, proof of certification may be required. Your free test will be provided upon successful registration on our Wellness Hub and purchase of your first order.

Who we work with

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We work with a wide range of nutritional therapists and health professionals, including dermatologists and chiropractors, complementing their patient health plans with food intolerance and other health test products. Our tests help identify underlying health concerns to help practitioners find the right course of action. We invite you to join our wellbeing community and provide clients with the tools to get their health back on track.

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Fitness Professionals

Many of our fitness partners use our food intolerance and food allergy testing to create personalised fitness and weight loss plans for their clients. Our simple finger-prick blood tests provide insights into which foods and ingredients are affecting a client’s performance and weight loss journey. Whether you’re a personal trainer or sports scientists, YorkTest can enhance your clients’ successes with our accurate home-to-laboratory tests.

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International Distributors

We work closely with distributors around the world to deliver home health tests and improve global wellbeing. Currently, our distributors are based throughout Europe, Hong Kong, the UAE, and many others. If you are a laboratory looking to introduce IgG food intolerance testing or a healthcare company looking to boost your offering, get in touch today to discuss how a partnership with YorkTest could benefit you and your clients.


We offer different kinds of partnering options to suit your business needs: