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Dr Gill Hart

Gill joined yorktest in 2005 and is one of our longest serving employees. She is a leading UK Biochemist, an expert on food intolerance and a credible and respected authority on a range of related issues, including diagnostic testing.



Scientific Research

Dr Gill’s & Yorktest’s studies are available below and give insight into the work we do at yorktest and what it could mean for you.

Gut Microbiota, IgG-Guided Elimination Diet and Sports Performance

Our Scientific Director Dr Gill Hart published a paper on how diet plays a key role in an active person’s preparation, competition and recovery strategies.  Read More >>

Peer-reviewed & Published Paper January 2018

Read this new peer-reviewed published paper which provides information about the benefit of food-specific IgG-guided elimination diet for those with IBS. Read More >

Food elimination based on IgG antibodies in irritable bowel

A clinical trial, published in the medical journal GUT, focused on diagnosed sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Read More >>

Obesity and Weight Loss White Paper September 2017

This new published paper examines the viability of a food-specific IgG guided elimination diet as a weight loss strategy. Read More >

University of York Study commissioned by Allergy UK

Survey of over 5000 people taking the yorktest food intolerance programme; commissioned by Allergy UK and feedback analysed by the University of York. Read More >>

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Clinical Trial

A clinical trial, published in the medical journal GUT, focused on diagnosed sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Read More >>

Migraine Study 2005

A prospective audit looked at migraine sufferers to determine whether eliminating the foods highlighted in the result of a yorktest test could improve their condition. Read More >>

Migraine Survey 2011

UK charity Migraine Action surveyed 1,000 migraine sufferers, revealing that over two thirds of members. Read More >>

Migraine Survey 2011

Research from the University of York further supported the finding of the 2005 Migraine Audit. Read More >>

Food intolerance and Eczema symptoms

The Science Behind Food Intolerance Testing

Dr Gill Hart discusses Food Intolerance on Sunday AM

Food intolerance and the affect it can have on men’s health


Gut Check: Food for Thought About Your Diet and Health with Adam Brumberg and Dr. Gill Hart

Dr Gill in the Press

Children branded ‘fussy eaters’ may actually have genuine food intolerance, top scientist says.
The Mirror
What are food intolerances and how many people are thought to be affected by them?
News Medical
5 ways to tell if you ACTUALLY have a food intolerance. Symptoms aren’t always what they seem.
Sardines for calcium, quinoa for protein & artichokes for fibre: Foods you SHOULD be eating for a balanced diet
Daily Mail

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