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Research from the University of York further supported the finding of the 2005 Migraine Audit. This randomised controlled trial using 167 subjects showed that the frequency of migraine-like headaches was reduced by 23% after 4 weeks on the yorktest recommended diet. Dr Andrew Dowson, consultant neurologist, head of headache services at King’s College and member of the medical advisory board of Migraine Action, commenting on the research said: “A link between food intolerance and migraine has long been suspected. Recent research has shown that when people with migraine follow tailored diets to eliminate trigger foods their symptoms significantly improve, however the treatment of migraine is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation, each person needs to establish their own specific combination of triggers, which can also include factors like stress and irregular sleep patterns. The link between food intolerance and migraine is an interesting new field and warrants more detailed research.”

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