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Tracy Richardson

Symptoms: migraines, rhinitis
Food Reactions: eggs, wheat, peanuts

“I am full of energy and feel the healthiest I have ever felt for decades”

  • Tracy Richardson had been suffering from regular headaches for over five years and also suffered from rhinitis and asthma since birth
  • Her persistent symptoms meant that she had to take time off work
  • The 55-year-old visited her GP on numerous occasions and was prescribed painkillers and a number of drugs which left her feeling confused and fatigued
  • Tracy tried to cut alcohol and reduce sugar from her diet but to no avail
  • It wasn’t until a friend recommended YorkTest that she discovered she was intolerant to eggs, cow’s milk, coconut, bamboo shoots, beef and peanuts
  • It took just two days for Tracy to notice a difference in her symptoms
  • She hasn’t taken her migraine medication or painkillers since starting her elimination diet and her “nasal inhaler is also redundant”

Tracy Richardson had been suffering from a host of symptoms for most of her life. “I’ve had migraines for the past five years and asthma and rhinitis since birth,” Tracy explains.

Tracy, who works in sales, had been to visit her GP on numerous occasions. “20 out of the 30 days, I had headaches/migraines. I was prescribed triptans for daily use, plus painkillers twice a day. I also had nasal inhalers to help me breathe. The next stage was an injection into the nerves at the back of my neck,” she says.

In a bid to control her symptoms, Tracy began to look at the connection between her migraines and diet. “I gave up alcohol altogether and limited sugar, as I thought that these would be triggers”, but unfortunately Tracy couldn’t relieve her persistent symptoms.

Over time, the 55-year-old had to take “a lot of time off work” and “the migraine drugs were starting to affect my day [due to] feeling tired and confused,” she explains.

It wasn’t until a friend recommended YorkTest, who have over 35 years’ in diagnostic testing, that Tracy considered a food intolerance* test.

YorkTest’s Premium Food Intolerance Test analyses your IgG reactions to over 200 food and drinks – from common ingredients like cow’s milkgluten and egg, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed that Tracy was intolerant* to a host of foods, including cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, sunflower, chilli, coconut, shiraz wine grape, bamboo shoots, beef and peanuts.

Equipped with guidebook support and one 30-minute phone call with one of our nutritional therapists, it was time to put her results into actions.

“The elimination process was pretty straight forward, to be honest. The secret is planning ahead and always having something ‘snacky’ in the house. I’ve learned to look at restaurant menus before going to dinner so that I know exactly what I can and can’t have,”

“The nutritional consultation was fantastic. She gave me some great tips and also talked to me about how the process would evolve, i.e. re-introducing the problem foods after the 12-week programme,” Tracy explains.

It didn’t take the 55-year-old long to notice an impressive difference in her symptoms. It took just “two days. The biggest change is that I haven’t taken any migraine medication or painkillers for almost four weeks. My nasal inhaler is also redundant”.

On one occasion, Tracy suffered a mild headache after “inadvertently eating beef”. However, she has now stopped “fretting about food”.

“Removing these problem foods has made me look at food in a whole new way. I am full of energy and feel the healthiest I have ever felt for decades”.

“I have more energy and I am definitely doing more of the things I love, like walking and gardening,” she says.

When asked to sum up how she feels, Tracy states: “positive, happy, healthy and ready for anything!”.

Tracy followed the Premium Food Intolerance Test

Sarah Brown helped Tracy to optimise her diet.