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Madhu Sohanpal

madhu sohanpal yorktest food intolerance reviews
Symptoms: fatigue, migraines
Food Reactions: salmon, anise seed, eggs, cow's milk

“People who saw me last year with a walking stick were shocked to see me this year walking unaided”

  • Madhu had suffered from migraines since the early 1990s
  • The 47-year-old also experienced severe vertigo, lethargy and an irritable, gurgling stomach
  • Unable to continue working, Madhu also surrendered her driving license and used a walking stick to help with her vertigo and balance
  • After deciding she “couldn’t carry on”, she decided to take a food intolerance* test
  • The test revealed she was intolerant to cow’s milk, salmon, eggs and anise seed, amongst other trigger foods
  • Within 2 days of eliminating these foods, Madhu started to see improvements in her symptoms. The gurgling in her stomach stopped, her vertigo disappeared, and her migraines significantly reduced
  • Madhu is now driving again, walks unaided and has started to volunteer at her local food bank

Madhu Sohanpal yorktestMadhu Sohanpal had been suffering from debilitating migraines since the early 1990s. “My migraines soon turned into vertigo and I had an irritated stomach. I was also constantly tired and drained. I have children and it made it difficult for me to keep up with their activities,” explains Madhu.

The 47-year-old not only struggled to keep up with her children, but she also had to change her lifestyle because of her depleted energy levels and persistent symptoms. “I had to give up work and surrender my driving licence,” she says. Madhu also avoided exercise due to her fatigue and vertigo.

Over the years, Madhu sought advice from her GP and “tried various medications” but her symptoms did not improve. She carried out some research on yorktest after a friend had told her about it. This confirmed to her that an IgG guided elimination diet could help to alleviate her symptoms.

YorkTest offers a fast track elimination diet by analysing IgG reactions to over 200 food and drink ingredients. The Food Intolerance* Test, which involves sending a finger prick sample to the company’s laboratories, revealed that Madhu had reactions to cow’s milk, eggs, yeast and anise seed with borderline reactions to white grape, red grape, wheat and salmon.

The full programme provides up to two consultations with a Registered Nutritional Therapist and additional content material to give further support. “The nutritional consultation was very helpful and informative. I didn’t realise how food can affect you. I have a number of intolerances*. You just have to stick to the elimination diet to see results,” says Madhu.

After eliminating her trigger foods, she noticed a significant improvement to her health. “Within 2 days, I noticed the gurgling in my stomach stopped. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed further changes. My stomach started to deflate and now my energy levels are rising, I actually want to exercise,” she says.

Madhu explains that once she settled into her new diet plan, she saw a change in her weight. “I got into jeans I hadn’t worn in over 5 years! The weight has fallen off me in 4 weeks by cutting out my trigger foods and making small changes. I didn’t go crazy, I just started eating real food”.

Her energy levels and irritable stomach weren’t the only symptoms which improved due to her new diet. “My headaches reduced, and my vertigo disappeared,” she announces. “People who saw me last year with a walking stick (balance issues due to vertigo) were shocked to see me this year walking unaided. I felt great!”.

Madhu is still following her diet plan. However, at one stage, she did start to experiment how much of one particular trigger food she could consume by reintroducing it back into her diet, but “my head started hurting within a couple of hours,” she says.

Madhu Sohanpal yorktestThrough following her new diet plan, Madhu is now able to participate in activities she once enjoyed and is now making small changes to adjust to her restored lifestyle which is free from pain.

I’m now driving again. This photo was taken the first time I drove after surrendering my licence due to illness. Thanks to YorkTest I can drive again,” Madhu announces.

The 47-year-old housewife is now seeking employment. “I do voluntary work at the local food bank twice a week. I’m trying to build myself to where l was before. I’m definitely getting there,” she says.

When we asked Madhu to summarise how she feels now, she says “I feel 20 years younger. It’s been life-changing – I’ve got a second chance at life. God bless everyone I’ve spoken to, including the Customer Care team and Nutritional Therapists”.

“I can’t thank YorkTest enough for a new lease of life. I feel on top of the world”.

Madhu followed a Premium Food Intolerance* Test