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Jane-Dora Fraser

jane-dora fraser migraines yorktest
Symptoms: migraines, nausea
Food Reactions: cow's milk, chilli pepper

“I feel fantastic and it’s uplifting not to feel headachy and nauseous 24/7”

  • 62-year-old Jane-Dora had suffered from intense migraines and nausea for over 25 years
  • The retiree, who also suffers from severe ME, spent 16 hours a day in a blacked-out room in a bid to alleviate her symptoms
  • Jane-Dora decided to take a food intolerance with YorkTest when her migraines and nausea reached an intolerable level
  • The results of her food intolerance* test revealed that she was intolerant to cow’s milk and chilli pepper
  • After eliminating her trigger foods from her diet, her headaches and nausea no longer affect her. She feels “fantastic” and now has peace of mind


62-year-old, Jane-Dora Fraser has suffered with severe ME, intense headaches and nausea for over 25 years. Six months ago, her symptoms reached an intolerable level and she spent up to 16 hours a day in a blacked-out room in a bid to alleviate her symptoms. “I was unable to get out of bed, eat a meal, watch TV or go on the Internet for long periods,” Jane-Dora says.

Jane-Dora consulted with numerous GPs over the course of 25 years but states that food intolerance had never been mentioned before. “I have always wondered as a Chronic ME sufferer whether I was food intolerant, but I did not do anything about it which, on reflection, was rather remiss of me. I have consulted with two different registrars at an ME clinic and food intolerance was never suggested,” the retiree explains.

The 62-year-old was curious to know if any intolerances were contributing towards her illness and she further realised that taking a food intolerance test with yorktest was a laboratory-to-home service. “I suddenly realised I could take the test at home. This is exactly what I need. Due to my illness, I’m not well enough to travel to York where they’re based and, on some days, I’m unable to go outside,” she explains.

Jane-Dora decided to take the next step and order a yorktest Premium Food Intolerance Test. “I’m currently on disability living allowance. I thought to myself what have I got to lose? If I discover I have no food intolerances, which I didn’t think would happen, I would receive my money back through their guarantee,” she says.

“Taking a blood sample from my thumb was easy and straight forward. I was very impressed with the professionalism of YorkTest. Soon after I posted the blood test, I received an email acknowledgement of the safe arrival of the blood sample then, within a few days, another email with the results. The day after, I received the results in the post with a very helpful booklet,” she explains.

The laboratory-to-home process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories to be analysed for reactions to over 200 food and drink ingredients, revealed that Jane-Dora was intolerant to cow’s milk and chilli pepper.

“Within days, my nausea and headaches had stopped almost completely. I no longer buy products made with cow’s milk, i.e. cream cheese, milky ready meals, rice pudding, which I loved, and it has continued to make a difference”.

“I no longer need to lie down because of overwhelming nausea and headaches. However, I do need to lie down for other reasons due to my ME. I don’t feel so helpless. I’m more motivated to do things, as my headaches and nausea were draining, and it was sapping my energy. I feel brighter in myself because the symptoms have virtually gone,” she says.

Jane-Dora has also lost 3 pounds in weight which has been beneficial for her as she currently suffers from Coronary Heart Disease. “It’s nice to have a flat stomach as I have no bloating at all. At 62, I thought I’m not meant to have a flat stomach, but now I have it and it’s all about adhering to the results,” she says.

When we asked Jane-Dora how taking a yorktest programme has affected her lifestyle, she says, “It’s made my life more comfortable. It’s reduced the severity and I can’t begin to tell you how helpful it is. It can be despairing when you’re having to put up with unpleasant symptoms for years on end. You’re trying to help yourself but it’s not dealing with it 100 per cent”.

“Now I’m living without intense headaches and nausea almost continually at times, day and night, it has made a great difference to my quality of life. When you are chronically sick, like me, any reduction of symptoms is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend YorkTest”.

“I am 62, so it just shows you food intolerances can develop or worsen considerably at any age”. Jane-Dora says, “It’s uplifting not to feel headachy and nauseous 24/7”.

Jane-Dora followed a yorktest Premium Food Intolerance Test

Want to hear more on Jane-Dora’s story? She explains in detail her journey with us below:

YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.