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The main purpose of a food intolerance test is to find out your trigger foods to help you feel healthier. A testing company who also conduct their own research will give you the confidence that they are passionate about the work that they do and are striving to make a difference to the food intolerance community.

We feel that it should be essential that a testing supplier provides evidence that their test works. The only way they can show their test is valid and effective is to provide evidenced data. If a testing provider does not show information about their own research or publish their own data, you should err on the side of caution.

Which food intolerance companies evidence on their website that their test is effective?

(Accurate as of October 2018)

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but yorktest are the only food intolerance testing company who conduct clinical trials / independent research into food intolerance and the affects it can have on the mind and body. We believe that our research has been a key element of our business, driving yorktest forward throughout our 35-year history.

All our studies are steered by our Scientific Director, Dr Gill Hart, who has over 30 years’ experience in the validation of diagnostic tests and services. We even take an active approach to clinical trials to continuously develop and evaluate our research, data and product performance.

Our largest study involved more than 5,000 people and was overseen by the University of York to investigate the benefits experienced by following a yorktest programme. You can view this study here and our full research page here.

Research and clinical studies show you, the customer, that our method of food intolerance testing† is supported and backed by real-life data. We also publish our success rates through customer testimonials and our customer survey results 2017, which found that 4 out of 5 respondents saw benefits after following a yorktest programme.

Which food intolerance companies evidence on their website that their test is effective?

Imagine you’re on the edge of a diving board. Some people would instantly jump head first without thinking too much into it. Others need a little time to weigh up the options – should I jump? Should I not? Taking the plunge and buying a food intolerance test can be similar.

An introductory test is an ideal way to judge the provider and their level of care and service before diving straight in and spending your money in one-go. It can also serve as a worthwhile indicator to see if you actually have any food intolerances before committing to the full whammy.