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In-House Lab

This a useful insider tip for buying a food intolerance test. It can be difficult to find out what goes on once you’ve sent your sample to a testing laboratory, how it is processed and how your sample will then be destroyed.

Many food intolerance providers outsource their laboratory testing, as they do not have the budget, equipment or expertise to test in-house. This means that your sample will be tested and destroyed at a referred place. It’s similar to high street fashion brands. You may have purchased a jacket that has been outsourced to produce in an external factory which has their own quality control, values and procedures in place. This can be different to the values and procedures of the retailer.

Rule 101: An in-house laboratory cuts out the middle man and streamlines communication, confidentiality and, most importantly, quality control and sample integrity handling.

Which food intolerance companies test customer blood samples in-house?

We’ll leave this one to you. Try to do some digging around on any food intolerance company website and check if they honestly divulge this information on their website. It’ll be harder to spot than you may think!
We’re always transparent at yorktest, so guess what? You have probably noticed it’s a reoccurring theme by now, but…

Here at yorktest, everything starts and ends in one place – from manufacturing and quality controlling the tests ourselves, to posting your results and supporting you beyond this.

We have full control of your sample and rigorously check at key stages throughout the laboratory process before sending you your result. As we have complete control over sample handling, we ensure your information, confidentiality and sample will be kept safe at all times.

Communication between our Customer Care team and lab is quick and easy, too. If you have a query or question about your blood sample, no problem. No question is ever too small as we operate under one roof and one roof only.