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Learn how to support

good mental health in your workplace

10 Free Tips For HR Professionals
To Improve Mental Wellness And
Contribute To Positive Change

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Have you ever thought of what is going on inside the mind and body of your employees at this moment in time – right now?

Workers you pass or interact with daily could all be fighting a silent battle with themselves.

According to recent research, a third of the UK workforce may have a health and wellbeing issue.

In a culture that enforces long working hours, heavy workloads and tight deadlines, it comes as no surprise that almost a third of organisations report an increase in stress-related absences, including anxiety and depression.

This e-book, for HR professionals, addresses recent mental health statistics and subtly encourages no-to-low and low-to-medium cost ideas for the workplace to build awareness and support to those affected by mental health. They are simple, forward thinking strategies that will attract your employees from the first instance.

Let’s make a change to mental health figures for 2018 and beyond.