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IBS Clinical Trial

A clinical trial, published in GUT, a medical journal, focused on diagnosed sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This study was designed and carried out by the University Hospital of South Manchester and 150 outpatients with IBS participated in the trial. The patients took the yorktest food-specific IgG antibody test and then undertook an elimination diet based on the results of the test.

Patients were split into two groups at random. The first group received a diet based on their yorktest blood test results – eliminating the foods that caused them a problem. The second group received a dummy diet, eliminating foods to which they were not sensitive. The trial followed patients for three months and the severity of symptoms were recorded.

The trial showed that the elimination diet based on the true results was “significantly more effective” and those patients saw a “clinically significant improvement” in their IBS.

To read the full scientific paper, please click here