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Laboratory Supervisor

At yorktest, we have an exciting opportunity to become the laboratory Supervisor in our laboratory based in York. In this role, you will be involved in and oversee all routine and specialised testing, supplier management, engineer/ servicing of instrumentation, Quality Control processes, plate manufacturing, stock management and staff management in the GLP laboratory.

Overall purpose of the role:

  • •   Oversee routine laboratory testing, supplier management, engineer/ servicing of instrumentation, Quality Control processes, plate manufacturing, stock management and staff management.
  • •   To be responsible for the organisational planning of daily tasks in the laboratory team.
  • •   To be an integral part of the quality assurance team, conducting internal audits, raising NCRs, and writing SOPs.
  • •   Perform advanced immunochemistry testing in the laboratory and lead the team in a quality focused high throughput environment.
  • •   Demonstrates effective leadership through the ability to guide, influence, inspire and empathise with others.

Required competencies:

  • •   Must have a minimum of bachelor’s degree in Science discipline (preferable medical science, biology, immunology, or chemistry)
  • •   Min 3 years in a leadership role.
  • •   Min 3 years laboratory experience (preferably biochemistry/ immunology disciplines)
  • •   Strong analytical aptitude (preferable method development/ validation experience)
  • •   Highly organised and focused individual
  • •   Excellent communication skills
  • •   Must be flexible and adaptable to change.
  • •   Excellent time management & a professional attitude

Accountabilities and Responsibilities

Culture and environment:

  • •   Understand, acknowledge and take accountability for your/their purpose and required productivity.
  • •   Talk openly about laboratory production performance and targets to develop a strong, results-driven, team-oriented culture.
  • •   Maintain positive morale and representation to the Laboratory Team and establishing a good working relationship with all internal and external customers.
  • •   Creating and maintaining a positive working environment and taking ownership of your work
  • •   Develop a positive approach to issues in providing support to colleagues.

Core Tasks:

  • •   Manufacturing of ELISA plates ensuring all batches released meet the required QC specifications.
  • •   Assembly of ELISA test plates for in-house and export use.
  • •   To ensure export orders are prepared and shipped as required. Close liaison and working directly with export ELISA plate customers. To be actively engaged in the ordering process.
  • •   To manage the EQAS scheme for authorised testing laboratories.
  • •   Solution preparation for in-house and export use.
  • •   leading with laboratory team regarding ELISA plate manufacturing, QC testing.
  • •   Scheduling / planning work – individually and within a team
  • •   To ensure GDP & GLP is always followed.
  • •   Stock/inventory management and purchasing raw materials.
  • •   To be involved in the production, review and updating of SOP’s.
  • •   HR tasks related to managing a team.
  • •   Daily review of team performance against targets and expectations.
  • •   Excellent communication skills when liaising with our internal/external customers.
  • •   Maintain a high level of customer service which exceeds consumer expectations.
  • •   Ensure SOP’s are followed and adhered to by all Laboratory Staff.


Variable Tasks:

  • •   COSSH Assessments and Risk Analysis
  • •   Carrying out experiments and investigations to aid equipment and process validation.
  • •   Training of laboratory staff.
  • •   Carry out experiments and investigations to aid new product development.
  • •   To Assist QA tasks by maintaining/updating QA processes.


Quality and compliance:

•   Adherence to the Data Protection Act and Company Security Policy.

  • •   Adherence to the Laboratory Health and Safety Protocols
  • •   Complaints investigations conducted to determine ‘root cause’ and remove/eliminate/reduce potential of a repeat occurrence in line with YorkTest’s quality procedure.


If you would like to apply for this role please email a copy of your CV to