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Do you experience frequent unexplained hay fever symptoms? Our AllergyCheck tests your reactions to 16 environmental allergens, providing you with clear results.



  • Clear test for allergies to 16 environmental allergens
  • Convenient home to laboratory test
  • Laboratory analysed results


Do you experience prolonged hay fever type symptoms, the cause of which is unknown to you?

Environmental allergies can be difficult to pinpoint and it’s almost impossible to deal with an allergy without identifying precisely what is causing the problem.

About The AllergyCheck Test

The YorkTest AllergyCheck is a fast and reliable home to laboratory allergy testing service. It can pinpoint what you are reacting to; identifying your specific allergens and enabling you to take control.

The YorkTest AllergyCheck tests for reactions to the most common environmental allergens, including:

  • House dust mite
  • Hazelnut pollen
  • Grass pollen mix (sweet vernal grass / timothy grass / ryegrass / rye / velvet grass)
  • Latex rubber
  • Birch pollen
  • Mugwort pollen
  • Stinging nettle pollen
  • Alternaria alternata fungi spores
  • Aspergillus fumigatus fungi spores
  • Cladosporium herbarum fungi spores
  • Dog fur and skin
  • Cat fur and skin

Your laboratory analysed allergy test results are presented in an easy to understand format, indicating the strength of your reactions on a scale of 0-2. A score of 0 is a negative reaction and 2 is a positive reaction therefore the allergen should be avoided where possible.

Your allergy test results are presented as a detailed chart that can be handed to your GP or Healthcare Practitioner. To see example results, please click here.

Customer Reviews of the AllergyCheck Test

Thursday 23rd February 2017

Amy Cowley

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I have had a couple of allergy tests in the past, but the experience and care I received from Yorktest was above my initial expectations. I was keen to use Yorktests services due to struggling with health issues and blocked sinus for over 10 years. I found Yorktest a quick and easy service with knowledgeable and professional staff. I received a kit in the post which was easy to follow and understand, once posted back I received email notifications updating me on the process of my results . I liaised with the Customer Consultant which explained the process about my results and actions which I can take moving forward. The consultant was informative, she really understood my results and helped me create actions moving forward to cut certain foods out of my diet. It has been 2 months since and I can see the benefits already, I have tried cutting out the most obvious triggers first (ie milk and bread) with doing this I have found that my blocked sinus have improved. I have a long way to go but thanks to Yorktest this is the first time I can see the benefits.

Thursday 7th July 2016

Denise Isabelle Clayson

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Very simple blood test

Friday 1st January 2016

Paulene Butters

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Fantastic result. The doctors kept telling me I had bites (for over 4 months!!!!!) it took over a week to clear my system and I also lost 4lbs bonus! I find it difficult to find foods gluten ,dairy and yeast free, and tasty enough to appeal to my rather sweet tooth. My skin looks clearer also not scratching all the time feels good.

Wednesday 27th May 2015

iyad al hindi

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very good and professional service

What to Expect from the Test

The AllergyCheck test kit contains all you need to take a small blood sample in the comfort of your own home. Simply return your sample in the pre-paid envelope provided (UK only) to our York laboratories for expert analysis. Your confidential results and additional support material will be posted to you within 10 days.

Please note: If you have not been exposed to a particular allergen prior to taking the test and/or you are not displaying symptoms, your IgE levels will not be raised and your result will be negative. 

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