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Environmental allergies can be difficult to pinpoint and it’s almost impossible to deal with an allergy without identifying precisely what is causing the problem. AllergyCheck helps identify allergic reactions to common environmental allergens.

Key benefits
  • Allergy test for the top 16 environmental allergens
  • Easy to use, finger prick blood test
  • Laboratory analysed results
  • Ideal for ongoing ‘hay fever’ symptoms
Price £99.00

Full product description

Find out if you have any allergies with the AllergyCheck environmental allergy test.

AllergyCheck provides fast and reliable allergy testing service. It quickly pinpoints what you are allergic to; enabling you to control your allergy and identifying the allergens to avoid that may be causing your reaction. AllergyCheck is YorkTest Laboratories’ allergy test for the top 16 environmental allergens. The test can help to identify anything from allergies to house dust mites, to birch pollen allergies and latex allergies. The AllergyCheck test is a quick and easy home-to-laboratory test that delivers reliable results within just 10 days.

AllergyCheck Test Results

The AllergyCheck test measures the severity of your allergic reaction to the 12 most common environmental allergens;

  • House dust mite
  • Hazelnut pollen
  • Grass pollen mix (sweet vernal grass / timothy grass / ryegrass / rye / velvet grass)
  • Latex rubber
  • Birch pollen
  • Mugwort pollen
  • Stinging nettle pollen
  • Alternaria alternata fungi spores
  • Aspergillus fumigatus fungi spores
  • Cladosporium herbarum fungi spores
  • Dog fur and skin
  • Cat fur and skin

Your laboratory analysed test results are presented in an easy to interpret format for each of the 16 allergens tested, indicating the strength of the reaction on a scale of 0-2. A score of 0 is a negative reaction and 2 is a positive reaction therefore the allergen should be avoided where possible.

Your test results are presented as a detailed chart that can be handed to your GP or Healthcare Practitioner.

To view AllergyCheck example test results click here. 

NB. This test is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland


Taking the test

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