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Raised levels of homocysteine may be as, or more important than, raised levels of cholesterol because it can cause damage to artery walls.

Recent research completed at Oxford University has also shown that you can prevent both the age-related memory loss and brain shrinkage associated with Alzheiner's disease by reducing your homocysteine level.

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  • Heart health indicator
  • The only finger prick homocysteine test available
  • Laboratory analysed test results
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The importance of homocysteine as a marker for health and wellbeing is becoming clearer. There are an increasing number of studies that show that homocysteine to be a predictor of potential health problems. Raised blood homocysteine concentrations can both predict the development of heart disease and strokes; in older people even better than any usual measure of risk including cholesterol, blood pressure or smoking. Women with high homocysteine levels find it harder to conceive and are at risk from repeated early miscarriage. Raised levels of homocysteine have also been implicated in migraine and linked to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, declining memory, poor concentration and judgement and lowered mood.

The good news is that raised homocysteine levels can usually be brought back to normal levels by simple dietary changes and / or supplementation with B vitamins. However, everyone is unique and different factors, including genetics, make it virtually impossible to determine an individuals’ nutritional requirements without assessing levels of homocysteine first, and then monitoring dietary changes to ensure that acceptable homocysteine levels are reached.

The Homocysteine test is a quick and easy home-to-laboratory test that delivers reliable laboratory test results within just 21 days.

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